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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode1698 27th October 2020, we see that Pragya reaches Mehra's office. Pragya comes to know that Abhi is Rhea's father.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Ep 1698 27th October 2020: Pragya meets Abhi

The episode starts with the people checking on Pragya, they say that she is alive, Aliya tries to escape but, the people ask her to pay for the damage. People ask Aliya to take Pragya to the hospital, she agrees. Aliya finds out that the lady is someone else and not Pragya; she is worried about where Pragya is.

Meanwhile, Pragya reaches Mehra’s office as she walks in and sees Abhi’s glimpse but not his face. Manish switches off the lights. Pragya asks if he is Mr Mehra – Rhea’s father, and tells him that she is Prachi’s mother and she wants to ask something. Pragya says that her daughter got the values from her elders and she can never think bad about anyone, including Rhea. Pragya says that if her daughter is coming in between two people, then she will unite them and not separate them. She also says that it is not Prachi’s mistake that her father is not with her, the circumstances were wrong, and she asks who gave him the right to talk about someone’s father. Pragya says that Rhea tried to kill Prachi and even she has the confession of the truck driver whom Rhea sent to kill Prachi.

Pragya is surprised to know Abhi is Rhea’s father. Abhi says Prachi is my daughter while Pragya says Rhea is my daughter, then Abhi says our daughters. Abhi says that he always wished that Prachi was his daughter. Ranbir thinks about Prachi and also recalls Pallavi asking him to forget Prachi.

PRECAP: Aliya says that when Pragya comes to know that Rhea is her daughter, then she thought of taking revenge.

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