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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode1700 29th October 2020 we see that Aliya blames Pragya for Rhea’s condition. Pragya leaves and takes a taxi and goes to the hospital to meet Rhea.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Ep1700 29th October 2020: Pragya meets Rhea

The episode starts with Aliya blaming Pragya for Rhea’s condition. While she says that when Pragya came to know who Rhea is, she told Prachi to take revenge on her. Aliya calls out security and asks them to throw Pragya out. Aliya asks Pragya to go from there and also from their lives. Abhi goes to slap Aliya and Pragya stops him. Aliya asks Pragya to pay the price of Rhea’s upbringing and asks her to leave. Abhi tells Aliya that she has no right to tell Pragya anything. Pragya walks out. Abhi turns and notices that Pragya is gone.

Abhi doesn’t want Pragya to go away from his life. Aliya tells Abhi that Pragya wants to take revenge from him for Kiara’s death and she says when a person wants revenge, then they can do anything. Ranbir decides that he will convince Rhea for his and Prachi’s marriage. Pragya takes a taxi and goes to the hospital. Abhi is searching for Pragya, and he asks the guard and the guard replies that the lady left.

The taxi driver notices that Pragya is crying and asks her why she is crying, and she replies that she will be meeting her daughter after 20 years. Pragya reaches the hospital and sees Rhea’s condition. She kisses her forehead and recalls the moment with her.

Abhi thinks to go to Prachi and apologize to her for his behaviour and tell her that she can call him Papa.

Precap: Abhi meets Prachi, she says that she doesn’t know what to say. Abhi asks her to forget everything and says that they are meeting after so many years…

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