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In Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode1732 14th December 2020, we see that the jeweller insists that Pragya wear the 50 crore necklace. Abhi comes and takes Pragya away. Tony wants to rob the necklace.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Ep1732 14th December 2020: Pragya caught amid jewellery theft

The episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Pragya asking God what he wants her to do. Pragya asks God if he wants her to get back with Abhi, who is marrying someone else.

Meera clashes with Pragya. Both of them reminisce Abhi telling about the other. Meera tries to go, but Pragya stops Meera and thanks to her for taking care of Rhea all these years. Pragya says that Rhea told her that Meera loved her like a mother. Pragya says that she cannot return the debt and asks Meera if she can help her with anything.

Meanwhile, Tony sends all the staff to do some other work. Tony’s man comes to him and asks where the 50 crore necklace is. Tony takes the gun from his men and tells them that he will find the key, and then they can steal. Tony thinks that once his men take out the necklace, he can point the gun and continue his robing.

Aliya calls Meera and says that she asks the jeweller to attend Meera and Rhea personally. Meera informs Aliya that she met Pragya. Meera says that she is feeling guilty now and does not want to hurt Pragya by marrying Abhi. Aliya says that Pragya is very smart and can manipulate everyone easily. Aliya then asks Meera if she wants to marry Abhi or not. Meera says that she wants to marry Abhi.

Later, the jeweller makes Pragya try the 50 crore necklace. Rhea comes there and says that Meera is Abhi’s and not Pragya’s. Rhea says that Pragya likes to snatch other things as Prachi snatched Abhi from Rhea.

The jeweller asks Abhi if Meera is his wife and not Pragya. Then the jeweller asks Tony to take the necklace from Pragya and keep it safe.
Tony’s men rob the jewellery and think of leaving. Tony says that they cannot leave without a 50 crore necklace. Tony says that if Pragya will not give him the necklace, then he will cut her neck and take it from her.

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