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In Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode1748 31st December 2020, we see that Ranbir overhears Pallavi and the doctor's conversation. The doctor says that Pallavi is perfectly fine, and no shock can affect her heart.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Ep1748 31st December 2020: Ranbir learns Pallavi’s truth

The episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Aliya inviting all the guests for Abhi and Meera’s Haldi. Rhea says that she is very excited as they will perform Meera’s Haldi in their house. Rhea stumbles and goes to fall. Prachi holds Rhea from behind.

Pragya, Sarita, and Prachi are about to leave when Aliya comes to them and congratulates them. Aliya says that the ex-wife always comes and creates drama on their ex-husband’s engagement, but Pragya supported Abhi and also danced in their happiness.

Sarita gets angry and goes to Aliya. Prachi asks Pragya to wait as she will handle Sarita. Prachi then asks Sarita to teach a lesson to Aliya as she insulted Pragya.
Abhi comes to Pragya and says that he know that his engagement has affected Pragya. Pragya says that she is happy for Abhi.

Sarita then goes to Aliya and says that Aliya hates Pragya so much that she cannot see Abhi’s love for Pragya and is forcing him to marry Meera. Sarita says that soon she will ruin Aliya’s plan.

Sarita then goes to Dadi and asks her for help. Dadi says that she will do anything to get Abhi and Pragya back.
Meanwhile, Pallavi is talking to the doctor. Ranbir comes there and overhears their conversation.

The doctor tells Pallavi that she has recovered and is perfectly fine. Pallavi says that she can’t let Ranbir know.
If Ranbir will know that Pallavi is fine, he will get close to Prachi which she doesn’t want.

Ranbir gets upset hearing their conversation
Later, Purab comes to Abhi and says that he will never allow Abhi to marry Meera. Purab says that Pragya loves him and he knows that even Abhi loves Pragya.

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