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In Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode1759 11th January 2021, we see that Abhi says that he and Meera want Pragya to come to their wedding and confess her love to Abhi, and should forget her ego.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Ep1759 14th January 2021: Abhi reveals his master plan to Purab

The episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Prachi asking Pragya to taste some Palak Paneer. Pragya tastes it and says that it is yummy and will eat it when she will get back home. Pragya says that she has some important work and will come back soon.

Abhi calls Pragya and says that he has sent something to Pragya. A delivery boy comes to Pragya’s house and gives her a box. Pragya opens the box and sees Abhi’s wedding card.

Pragya asks Abhi why he had to send his wedding card again.

Abhi says that Pragya must have forgotten his wedding date so to remind her, he sent the card again. Pragya gets angry and cuts the call. Sarita asks Pragya if she will attend Abhi’s wedding. Pragya says that she will never go.

Meanwhile, Purab comes to Abhi and says that why he has to do all this. Abhi says that he loves to see Pragya suffering. Aliya overhears their conversation and thinks that Abhi hates Pragya and will never go back to her.

Purab stops Abhi and asks again why he has to do all this. Abhi then confesses his master plan to Purab.

Abhi says that Pragya will never let Abhi marry anyone. Abhi also says that Pragya has an ego problem and so she won’t accept her love for Abhi, but today Abhi will make Pragya confess her love.

Purab says that what will Meera think when Abhi will leave Meera and go to Pragya. Abhi says that Meera wants Abhi to marry Pragya and even she is helping him in his plan.

Abhi gets ready and hopes that Pragya comes soon for his wedding. Aliya comes there and makes Abhi wear his pagdi.

Aliya tells Tai Ji that Abhi wants to marry Meera in front of Pragya, as he wants to see Pragya suffer.

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