In Kundali Bhagya written update 16th March 2020 episode, Mahira and Sherlyn accuse Preeta of pushing Mahesh. He is rushed to the hospital. Mahira instigates Luthra’s against Preeta and eventually, Karan also believes them.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 16th March 2020: Mahira accuses Preeta of trying to kill Mahesh

The episode begins with Luthra’s coming in as Preeta shouts. Mahira enters there and says Preeta pushed Mahesh. Karan sees Mahesh and runs and Mahira lies again. Sherlyn comes in and blames Preeta again for pushing Mahesh. They rush him to the hospital. Preeta gets a doctor and Mahesh is taken to OT. Rishabh calms Dadi and as the doctor comes in they inquire about Mahesh’s condition. He says Mahesh is critical and has gone in a coma again. Preeta enters the ICU and says that the family was happy to see him get better and they were waiting for him to get better. She pleads him to wake up. She understands that a person out of coma can’t push his wheelchair, so somebody has pushed him tried to hurt him. She asks him to tell the name. She promises him that this daughter of his will find out who did this to him.

Sherlyn and Mahira are worried if Mahesh wakes up, their truth will be out. Mahira says they should take advantage of the situation. Rishabh calls Mahesh’s doctor and requests him to get back as soon as possible. Mahira tells Luthra’s how can they trust a doctor recommended by Preeta. Sherlyn and Mahira manipulate Luthra’s with their words and try to instigate them against Preeta and blame her again and again. She tells them Preeta can’t be seen, maybe she is finishing off her incomplete work. Everybody rush to the ICU. Srishty is worried for Preeta as she will be blamed again.

Karina pushes Preeta out. Karina, Ramona and Dadi accuse her. Preeta tries to explain herself but Sherlyn tries to prove her wrong. Ramona lies that she saw Preeta pushing Mahesh down the stairs. She tries to prove herself innocent but Karan says he made a mistake by believing her. She continuously tries to say she will never think of hurting Mahesh.

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