In Kundali Bhagya Written Update 20th March 2020 episode, Rishabh speaks to Mahesh about Karan’s wedding. Preeta and Karan recall their moments together. In the morning, Luthra’s look around for Mahira but she arrives at Preeta’s house.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 20th March 2020: Mahira arrives at Preeta’s house

The episode begins with Rishabh talking to Mahesh and saying Karan is getting married. He tells him that he thinks Preeta is perfect for Karan. Karan asks Rishabh what he is doing and Rishabh says he is complaining. Karan says Preeta is responsible for Mahesh’s condition. He says everybody says that. Rishabh says if she pushed Mahesh, why would she call Rishabh and Karan answers that maybe she didn’t have the time to escape. Rishabh says Preeta can never do anything of this sorts to anybody. Rishabh says something bad is going to happen and it’s just the beginning and how he should explain it to Karan.

Karan and Preeta remember their moments together on the holi festival and get emotional. In the morning, Ramona and Sherlyn talk about Mahira’s dreams coming true. Sherlyn thinks that Mahira is smart and devilish just like her. They go to Mahira’s room and don’t find her. They try calling her but can’t connect. Rakhi says Mahira was supposed to go to the temple. Ramona says she won’t go without informing and gets worried. In the morning as Srishty serves tea to Preeta, Mahira arrives there. Srishty tries to push her out but she still enters in and says she needs to talk to Preeta. Srishty tells her to leave but Preeta tells Srishty to let Mahira speak.

Ramona asks Dadi and Karina if they saw Mahira. Kritika hears her and asks if Mahira left any letter before fleeing the wedding. Karina scolds her. Sherlyn tells Ramona that maybe she went to see her friends. Sherlyn also says maybe Mahira wants to be in network but is not able to. Ramona says maybe Preeta did anything to Mahira and what if she does anything to her. Rakhi says Preeta won’t do anything but Ramona says she pushed Mahesh, she can do anything to Mahira.

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