In Kundali Bhagya Written Update 23rd March 2020 episode, Srishty tries to throw Mahira out but Preeta asks her to let go. Mahira tells Preeta that she pushed Mahesh.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 23rd March 2020: Mahira tells Preeta she pushed Mahesh

The episode begins with Ramona saying Preeta can do anything. Karina says maybe for revenge Preeta might have done something to Mahira and thinks of calling the police and get Preeta arrested. Rakhi says they should check in the temple. Meanwhile, Mahira tells Preeta she is happy to see Preeta in this state. Srishty asks her to get out but Preeta says she will handle it. Srishty tells Preeta that Mahira blamed her and she got arrested and goes on and on. Mahira says Sherlyn trapped Preeta and not her. Mahira taunts Preeta and Srishty and tries to instigate Preeta against Srishty. Preeta sends Srishty inside.

Mahira tells Preeta she can’t express her happiness and she wanted to share it with her and thanks her. Preeta says she knows that Mahira has come with some other motive and asks her to speak it out. Preeta asks her why she blamed her. She says Preeta always cries and makes way into peoples house and hearts. Mahira says she had to blame Preeta so Luthra’s could hate her. Preeta says to get along with Karan she needed Preeta’s help because she had to blame her. She says why can’t she get married on her own. Mahira says she gets whatever she wants by hook or crook. Preeta says she never thought she would go to this level to get married to Karan.

Mahira tells Preeta she can even kill anybody to get along with Karan. Preeta asks whether she pushed Mahesh from the stairs because marrying Karan is her obsession. Mahira says she has already pushed Mahesh from the stairs. Mahira accepts she pushed Mahesh and blamed Preeta. Preeta and Srishty get shocked. Preeta cries and asks Mahira why and how she pushed Mahesh. Mahira says Sherlyn helped her in doing this. She adds how she pushed Mahesh after freeing his hand from the wheelchair.

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