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In Kundali Bhagya written update 5th March 2020 episode Mahira lits the fire according to Sherlyn’s plan and calls Karan. Preeta tries to save her, but she denies and Preeta understands that Mahira lied about being stuck in the fire.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 5th March 2020: Mahira lits fire to get close to Karan

The episode begins with Sherlyn telling Mahira to become fire herself and call Karan and tell him you are in fire and can lose your life. He will definitely come to rescue you. She adds that her life won’t be at risk and the fire will be under their control. Preeta spills dal while eating and Karan teases Preeta. Sherlyn tells Mahira where and when to lit the fire and where to exit from. She adds that she should lit the fire in the remaining area after Karan arrives and not tell him anything as he will be in a panic mode and if he turns up late she should know the way out.

Sherlyn tells her to call Karan and panic him and she would herself call him later to panic him more. Mahira calls Karan and tells him as decided and he leaves. Sherlyn hands a can of kerosene to Mahira to lit fire. When Sherlyn calls Karan, Kritika overhears their conversation and rushes to 9th floor. Sherlyn messages Mahira to lit the fire as she wants her plan to work. Kritika reaches 9th floor where she hears Mahira shouting for help. She asks Mahira to open the door but she lies. Just then Sherlyn reaches there and takes Kritika away saying she needs her help to call the fire brigade and hotel staff. She takes her down and thinks she can’t let Kritika inform hotel staff as her plan will fail. She stamps Kritika’s feet. She goes to the counter and complains about bad decoration and fakes to Kritika as if she is asking for help.

Preeta reaches there and Kritika informs her of fire. Preeta goes to 9th floor and Mahira lits more fire hearing a cry for help. Preeta uses a vase to break the glass but the glass doesn’t break. She tells Mahira she will save her but Mahira tells her to leave. She tries again but fails. Mahira asks her to go and send Karan to rescue her. Preeta enters through the other window. Karan reaches there and Kritika tries to follow him but Sherlyn acts to stop her. Preeta asks Mahira to exit the room but she refuses and asks her why she tries to come close to Karan. Preeta says there is no time to discuss this but Mahira taunts her. Preeta says no matter who saves her, being rescued from fire is important. However, Preeta later understands that Mahira herself lit the fire. She questions Mahira about that and Mahira says she is doing exactly what Preeta does, to get in problems, be helpless and then Karan saving her. She tells Preeta she will also do the same to get close to Karan and warns her to stay away from him. Preeta tells her she doesn’t have to tell her what to do. Mahira accuses Preeta of seeking sympathy from Karan. Preeta tells her their relation doesn’t require any sympathy or any fake excuses, it is needed for weak relationships. Mahira stops her from going out as she fears Preeta will tell Karan the truth. She stops her saying the truth won’t reach him because she won’t be letting her out of the room.

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