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In Kundali Bhagya written update 9th March 2020 episode, Preeta tells Mahira she won’t let Karan marry her. Preeta foils Mahira’s plan to drug Karan with bhaang. Prithvi and Sherlyn hug each other and Rishabh passed from there.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 9th March 2020: Preeta foils Mahira’s plan to drug Karan

The episode begins with Preeta telling Mahira that Karan was her destiny. Mahira tells her to stop dreaming and everybody at Luthra’s hate her. Preeta tells her that she can’t marry Karan. She adds that Mahira can go to any limits to get married to Karan. Mahira challenges her to stop her. Preeta tells her that she can’t marry Karan ever because she is not worth of Luthra family or Karan. Mahira tells her that Karan will hate her once they get married. Preeta tells Mahira that Karan cares for her and loves her. Srishty stops Preeta from talking to Mahira and tells her that telling Mahira anything will create problems for Karan and Luthra’s. They decide to foil Mahira’s plans. Sherlyn tells Mahira that a waiter is ready to help them. Srishty looks at Rishabh and praises him but feels sad that he married Sherlyn. She also says that by the grace of god her sister didn’t marry Prithvi. Prithvi overhears them and thinks that they have so much negativity about him but they don’t know he is the most poisonous one. He thinks of just gaining the property and then he will do the necessary things.

Prithvi sees Preeta exchanging glances with Karan and he plans to do something. Karan asks Preeta that she came for him and not his mom. She asks him a question saying whether he wanted to put colour on Preeta first and not Mahira. He asks her whether she was staring at him for long. Preeta tells him that he has got overconfident and he says no it’s his observation. Prithvi is jealous of them talking. Here Sherlyn gives bhaang and tells a waiter to give it to Karan. Preeta understands that Mahira has sent this drink and it has something mixed, so she has to stop Karan from drinking it. Preeta gives Karan some excuses to stop him from drinking it but he doesn’t listen. Preeta pretends and drops Karan’s glass. Preeta gives some rubbish excuse to Karan and he says that she is weird. Mahira gets angry and throws things off as her plan fails. Sherlyn tells Mahira that they will execute their plan in a different way. Sherlyn says that Mahira will go to Karan with a glass of bhaang and Preeta will throw it off. As she will do it Sherlyn will send a waiter with all the glasses mixed with bhaang and their plan will be successful without Preeta’s knowledge.

Preeta follows Karan and he catches her. Mahira is worried that Preeta will foil all their plans and tell Karan Mahira’s truth. Mahira plans to throw out Preeta and Srishty. They plan to lock Preeta in Mahira’s bathroom. Sherlyn asks Prithvi to meet in the guestroom. Mahira tells Girish to tell Preeta Kritika has called her in the washroom of the guestroom. Preeta rushes to the guestroom and Srishty sees Mahira following her. She understands Mahira has something on her mind. In the guestroom Sherlyn asks Prithvi if he loves her, why was he staring at Preeta. She says Rishabh, Karan and now Prithvi all admire Preeta, what does she have? Prithvi says a lot of love but then changes his statement saying love in her eyes. Sherlyn says that she tried to awaken feelings in Rishabh’s heart but couldn’t. She says that once her father in law is out of the coma, she will lose her sleep. Prithvi promises her that he will take care of it. As Sherlyn and Prithvi hug, Rishabh passes from there.

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