Kundali Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-1334 21st September 2022: Prithvi searches for his phone. Preeta finds Prithvi’s phone in the ladies' washroom and finds that the recording is on. Preeta gets angry and decides to teach Prithvi a lesson. She calls the police and gets Prithvi arrested.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-1334 21st September 2022: Police arrests Prithvi

Today’s Kundali Bhagya episode begins with Preeta telling herself that she is going to faint. She cries saying that she doesn’t know a way to go out. She struggles to breathe properly. Arjun sees her. He thinks that she is feeling suffocated again. He asks her to get up. She asks him to take her out. He asks her if she is really a doctor or failed the exams. She gets shocked hearing him. He compliments her. She glances at him. She feels dizzy. He lifts her up and leaves the library. He tells her that he doesn’t expect thanks and sorry from her. She tells him that everyone says that she is such a polite person. He tells her that they lied to her. She asks him why he behaved like that in the library. She reminds him that she is a married woman.

Then in Kundali Bhagya, Arjun tells her that he is not interested in her because she is not his type. He says that he talked like that to divert her mind. He says that she is such a thankless person. Prithvi realizes that his phone is missing. He asks one lady about his phone. Arjun warns him to not come in between him and Luthras. Prithvi says that he is sure that Arjun loves Preeta. Arjun tells him that he hates Preeta. Meanwhile, Preeta goes to the washroom. She finds Prithvi’s phone there. She notices that the recording is on the phone. One lady tells Preeta that she saw Prithvi outside the ladies’ washroom. They decide to teach a lesson to Prithvi. Arjun tells Prithvi to stay away from Preeta and Luthras. Preeta and that lady come there. That lady called the Police. Prithvi wonders why Preeta looks angry.

Later in Kundali Bhagya, Arjun tells him that the latter will end up in jail today. Prithvi greets Preeta. Preeta tells him that he stooped so low today. He asks her what he did. She tells him that he left his phone in the washroom and the recording was on. She scolds him. Arjun asks Prithvi how can the latter do that. Prithvi tells Preeta that he did nothing like that. He tells her that he was searching for his phone. He says that he is sure that Arjun is behind all this. She refuses to believe him. He tells her that she knows that he likes her. He tells her that Arjun is trying to create a misunderstanding between them. Ladies start beating Prithvi up. Police come there. Preeta explains everything. Arjun tells Prithvi that this is just a trailer. Police arrest Prithvi and take him from there.

Lastly in Kundali Bhagya, Preeta thanks Arjun for helping her in the library and leaves from there. On the other hand, Anjali apologizes to Rishabh. Rishabh tells her to know why Arjun did not come and leaves the office. Sameer tells Srishti that his team can help her. Srishti tells him that she doesn’t need anyone’s help. She says that she invited everyone to the party because the announcement is an important one. Arjun learns that Preeta’s car is not working. He offers a lift to her. She asks him about his meeting with Rishabh. He tells her that the meeting got canceled. She asks him to drop her at Arora’s house.

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