Kundali Bhagya written update S01 Ep1195 11th March 2022 we can see that everyone shake a leg during the celebration. Meanwhile, Mahesh while dancing with Raakhi suddenly try to throttle her. The judges says that he is mentally ill.

Kundali Bhagya written update S01 Ep1195 11th March 2022: Mahesh acts weird

In today’s episode we can see that Preeta and Karan have a private conversation. Shrishti is AWOL from the celebration, which Sameer discovers. He’s on the lookout for Shrishti. When Karan obtains Preeta’s consent, he approaches her. Sherlyn notices Prithvi is frightened and inquires as to why. She inquires as to what is going on and how Preeta went away. Preeta has run away to tell the family the truth, he says. If she wants to rescue herself, he advises her to flee. She inquires as to why he let Peeeta flee. He claims that he wasn’t going to let her go, but that the situation had gotten out of hand.

He describes how he assaulted Preeta but she managed to flee. She holds him responsible for rekindling her feelings for Preeta and saving her life. He inquires if she is free. She inquires as to why he did not assassinate Preeta. He’s thinking about Preeta again, she says. She informs him that he has once again lost against Preeta. He requests that she not challenge him. He claims that her foolishness irritates him even more.

He goes on to say that he adores her. He tells her that all he wants to do is love her, and she has to believe him at least once. Shrishti is in the room as Sameer walks in. Natasha dashes inside the cupboard to hide. Someone is hiding behind the cupboard, he believes. Natasha performs in the presence of Sameer, assisting him in the rescue of Shrishti. She doesn’t want Luthras to find out the truth and throw her out.

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