MTV Roadies Real Heroes 11 Aug 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see a ticket to finale task and Sandeep's gang getting knocked out because of Neha's twist.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes 11 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sandeep Gang Knocked Out

Today’s MTV Roadies Real Heroes Written Updates of 11 Aug 2019 starts as we see the remaining four gangs leave in their respective jeeps for their final destination. All the members reach the first task location of this destination and Rannvijay tells the Roadies and the gang leaders that this task will make sure one member makes his place in the Finale everyone was excited. The task name was ‘Hot Shot To The Finale’. One member from each gang will be playing and gang leader will be assisting it. The winner will be in the Finale, next will be in the Semis, third will be non-immune, fourth will be out. Time for the task. Neha enters and she had the power to take one name who cannot participated. Neha chooses Tara to not perform, Neha also decides the order.

First was the turn of Bidan assisted by Prince. Bidan was not able to aim on the Kerosene bottle Bidan only could hit 2 tagets and crawls in full speed the siren rings so Prince had lost the chance of winning the bonus. Again Bidan could not hit with bow and arrow. Just 2 targets hit again. Total 300 points.

Next was Ashish’s turn with Sandeep. Ashish also was not able to hit. Only one bottle was hit. Ashish did cut the wire within 5 minutes and got 100 bonus points. Be could not climb the rope easily and sliped-off and he was out of the task. Which made Prince very happy as Bidan would not be going home. Total 150 points.

Arun with Raftaar were next. First aim missed. Second hit. Others also missed. Crawled through and cut the wire so gained the bonus.Arun climed the rope smartly. Only two targets hit. Total 250 points. Prince was more happy.

Last were Lakshya and Nikhil. He did not hit even single bottle. He cut the wire and got 100 points bonus. Lakshya was struggling to climb the rope. First arrow hit. Ashish was scared, next target also hit and Ashish was out. Last arrow also hit and a tie between Lakshya and Bidan both on 300 points. The result was to be decided on time taken.

Ashish was eliminated because of losing the task. Bidan completed the task in 10.35 minutes and Lakshya in 14.02 seconds. That concludes Bidan was into the finals. Prince was more than excited on reaching the finals. Neha and Prince start an argument for choosing Prince’s tea to go first.
Prince gang received G-shock watches for reaching the final destination without losing any member. All team members start pl0tting against Tara.

IT ws time for the last vote-out. Bargh decides to use her band so she was safe. Bidan decided to use the band for Ankita, for which Tara requests him but Bidan doesn’t change his decision. So all safe Roadies were Bidan, Lakshya, Bharg and Ankita.

Gaurav had to leave because of his injury as won’t be able to perform ahead. Now the vote-out. All votes done. Maximum votes were against Tara. All the drama continues for a while. End of Tara’s Journey with him it was the end of Sandeep’s gang. Everyone else is in the semi’s ready to give their best. The written update of MTV Roadies Real Heroes of 11 August ends here ends here.

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