MTV Roadies Real Heroes 14 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how a vote out is and in the elimination task between the voted out members after losing Adil has to leave Roadies.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes 14 July 2019 Written Update: Adil gets Voted Out

Today’s MTV Roadies Real Heroes Written Update 7 July New gangs were formed sahiba was insecure about Tara in her gang.

Rannvijay announces all Roadies will vote out one member from the other gangs. Only Ashish from Sandeep’s gang and Prince’s whole gang was immune.

All Member try to vote strong Roadies from each gang.

Milind gives up his Roadies Real Heroes safe immunity band because there was mathematical disadvantage for Milind Prince appose Milind to use band but at last milind use Band and Neha breaks down.

Arun from gang Rafter, Aadil from gang Nikhil and Sahiba from gang Sandeep are voted out . Sahiba was disaapointed with Tara.

There was task between these 3 Roadies those who will win will stay and one who loses, will go home. Arun was happy that he will get chance to perform in Roadies and to prove himself.
Immune gang leader Prince get’s chance to gives disadvantage and Sahiba was given a disadvantage for the upcoming task.

Prine and his gang get a chance to go with motorcycle from with ranvijay and the rest of the gangs got into their cars and started heading Towards Madikeri from Wayanad.

They reach their task location and Rannvijay announces it to be a mathematical task. The 3 voted out contestants got chance to perform in task in these 3 those who will lose will go home ,The one who comes Second may go to his her gang but the winner will not only go to His or her gang but will also get immune from vote out .

In that task they can take help from one Roadie from their respective gang members. Arun and Adil get chance to choose a girl from their respective gang and Sahiba, will have to choose any of the two boys from her gang. Sahiba takes Tara’s help, Arun takes Arushi’s help and Aadil takes Bhargsethu’s help.

The task name was ‘Do Heck with Mathematics’.They have to go in the water with their partners row a boat, pick up boxes from the river and each boxes there are Numbers to solve equations and if equations are right they will win the task.

Prince gave a disadvantage to Sahiba she had brought 4 boxes from the river and Arun and Adil had to bring 3 boxes.

While Sahiba and Tara apply proper strategies, Aadil and Arun struggle with their team members.
Sahiba and tara was 1 to solve the equastion right Arun and arushi was 2 to solve equation right. Aadil loses his breath and Bhargsethu swims alone and pulls the heavy box alone.

Adil loses the task and blames Nikhil for not agreeing to his strategy. Nikhil decides to remain silent. and Adil goes out of roadies. MTV Roadies Real Heroes Written Update 14 July 2019 full episode ends here.

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