MTV Roadies Real Heroes 7 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how an auction is held for the members and some Roadies go to Different Gang leaders.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes 7 July 2019 Written Update: Roadies Auction 2.0

Today’s MTV Roadies Real Heroes Written Update 7 July began Yukti Arora and others debating about the anonymous voting which turned into an argument between Saiba and Rachel. The next day the task was continued with Gang Nikhil having last hopes on Laksh. Nikhil unhappy with Sandeep’s decision in which Raftaar supports Sandeep and Neha supports Nikhil it gets heat up between Neha and Raftaar. The next question was asked to which Nikhil gave a wrong answer and Laksh was out of the Race. With 11 Roadies left to play with Ranvijay moves on to Advantage round.

The next 2 questions were answered correctly by Prince and Sandeep, Prince took the advantage by taking away lifeline of Tara and Saiba and while Sandeep was making his decision Neha and Nikhil tried to convince him not to eliminate Tara which did not change Sandeep’s mind and Yukti lost one more lifeline. Now Nikhil and Neha’s gang was totally eliminated from the task. Which left only 3 gangs, Sandeep, Raftaar, and Prince. Now it was the test time for the brotherly alliance of these gang leaders to see who goes against whom. As the task went on Arushi was unhappy with Raftaar’s decision to save Arun over her. The next question was answered wrong by Raftaar and his last hope Arun also lost his last lifeline and Raftaar gang was out completely eliminated. The same happened with Sandeep and he lost his one more member which led Prince to win the task.

After the task members reach their camp location where Arushi shares her disappointment over Raftaar. Bhargsethu returns from the hospital to continue her Roadies journey. Everyone gets ready and heads towards their next activity where gang leaders were blindfolded and when their blindfolds were opened every leader was surprised, It was time for roadies Auction 2.0. Prince because of wining the previous task gets to start with the highest points and Nikhil with lowest.

First was the turn of Simran who was retained by Nikhil.

Sohail was in Neha’s team after some auction battle.

Big Battle for Saiba between Neha and Sandeep which was won by Sandeep.

Arun was the next one to come, the battle for him between Raftaar and Nikhil won by Raftaar.

Nikhil playing a mind game with other gang leaders of making them spend more points on every player.

Next was Tara which was going to be an exciting Battle between Neha and Sandeep and Sandeep won it.

Nikhil’s mind game paid him as his gang was full, and at the end of the Auction Prince, Nikhil had their gangs full Raftaar with 3 members and Neha retaining Milind with members after which Ringmaster Ranvijay announces a vote out. MTV Roadies Real Heroes Written Update 7 July 2019 full episode ends here.

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