MTV Roadies Revolution Written Episode Update 7th March 2020: The competition is getting merciless but it's going to be revolutionary

MTV Roadies Revolution Written Episode Update 7th March 2020: This season of Roadies is going to be a revolutionary one

A contestant named Arushi who is an aspiring actor and dancer enters for the audition. Ranvijay gives her a blindfolded task and asks her to identify the item by smelling. She identifies each item correctly. And later she performs push-ups and says a woman must be strong in every aspect. Neha dances with her and she gets selected eventually.

Next Madhav and Prabhat come together and they are tested for their general knowledge. Each judge asks them questions and their answers are hilarious. However, they aren’t selected.

Late Kevin comes in. He is an MMA fighter and his skills are tested. He performs with various props and his performance was amazing. He wants to teach women self-defence. He teaches fellow contestant self-defence. He gets selected.

Akanksha and Apoorva enter and are given a task to reach towards their favourite judge. One has to pull the other one behind. Later Akanksha performs one-foot sit-ups and Apoorva dances. After their idea of revolution, both of them are selected.

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