Here take a look at how Karan Kundrra slapped a contestant, calling out his hypocrisy and being the real germ of society

Throwback: “Ye jo tu samaaj ki baat karra hai na, tum samaaj ke sabse bade keede ho,” said Karan Kundrra slapping a contestant in MTV Rodies

Karan Kundrra is a respectful man who knows how to treat his family, friends, fans, and especially females. But, in comparison, the actor slapped a contestant for disrespecting his sister during the auditions of MTV Roadies (12, 14 Rising). Roadies is a task-based reality show where contestants perform under the supervision of gang leaders. And these contestants get selected based on their performances. Read further to know what behavior angered Karan Kundrra when he slapped the contestant.

In the old MTV Roadies season, gang leaders Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Harbhajan Singh, Prince Narula, and Karan Kundrra bashed a contestant for saying that his most shameful moment in life is that, his sister tied the knot with his best friend against family and his wish. He also revealed that he had slapped his sister for getting court-married without asking him. This incident angered all the gang members, especially Karan, who lost his calm. But, at the same time, the contestant excused saying he did it because of impulse and his sister’s lies.

Similarly, Karan Kundrra asked the contestant if he should slap him because he thought the contestant was also wrong. And in return, the contestant said to Karan he should go on if he thinks so. And so did Karan, who goes on hitting him. And he said in anger, “Ye jo tu samaaj ki baat karra hai na, tum samaaj ke sabse bade keede ho.”

With all his anger, the gang leader tore his sheet and said, “Tum jaise log na iss dharti pe hone nahi chahiye.” And continued, “If my sister wants to marry my best friend, then I’ll trust my friend. Because I chose him to be my friend. If I make a friend, I think 100 times before making it. I will be happy in my sister’s happiness. This society, spoiling of the family name and all, if this is embarrassment then go drown yourself.” He also called the double standards of such people and said, “If your sister’s happiness is not your happiness and you are more concerned about your standing in society – and your slapping your sister caused she did something for her own happiness, by marrying your friend only… You are a double standard.”