Naagin 3 season 11 May 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Vishakha comes to meet Bela. Tamsi also comes there and unveils her face in front of Shravani and Vishakha.

Naagin 3 11 May 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Vikrant, Bela and Vishakha reunite

Today’s Naagin 3 season 11 May episode begins with Raima Sinha entering as Mohit’s girlfriend. Shravani tells her past story to her parents. They offer their help to Shravani. Shravani says she cannot risk their lives as Naag world is a dangerous world. Shravani takes their leave and comes to Sehgal house. She recalls the time spent with Mahir. Mahir comes on the window and the two stare at each other.

Mohit comes to Mihir’s room and asks him to get ready for the engagement. Tamsi comes to Sumitra and informs them that she is Mohit’s girlfriend and will stay with him to be close to Mihir. Mihir and Mohit get ready for their engagements. Shravani comes inside disguised as a worker. Mihir looks at Shravani. Before Mihir would make Tanya wear the engagement ring, Shravani removes the fuse.

Vishakha comes to meet Bela. Tamsi also comes there and unveils her face in front of Shravani and Vishakha. She states that now she has become more powerful. Tamsi mocks at Bela by making her recall how she killed Mahir and her in the past. The two get into an argument. After some time in Nagin3, Bela bites Tamsi. Tamsi becomes weak. Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) then pushes her down the stairs.

Sumitra and her allies get shocked to see Vishakha. Tanya’s face gets ugly. All the family members get shocked to see her. Vishakha aka Raima says this is because of beauty pills. She adds that now Tanya cannot do the engagement. Tanya aka Tamsi fumes in anger. Bela and Mihir stare at each other. Bela breaks down in tears thinking if Mahir will ever remember the past. She begins to fall down.

Mihir holds her. Mihir questions her if she is upset because he is getting married. Mihir tells Bela that he has a feeling that he knows her for a long time. Mihir requests Bela not to leave him. Later in Nagin 3, Bela tells Vishakha that we have to find Naagmani to help Mahir remember the past.

Vishakha responds that she doesn’t know where Naagmani is. Vikrant comes to meet Bela and Vishakha. Vishakha tells Bela about the curse on the Naagmani. Tamsi asks Sumitra to bring Bela to her so that she can free the Naagmani from the curse. The written update of 11 May 2019 Naagin 3 episode full story ends here.

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