Naagin 3 season 19 May 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Shivangi comes towards Shravani and treats her. Shravani gains her conscious and gets elated on seeing Shivangi.

Naagin 3 19 May 2019 Written Update: Shivangi is helping Shravani

Today’s Naagin 3 season 19 May episode begins with Rithik and Rocky inviting Shravani and Vishaka to the dance floor. They involve a happening dance performance. Vishaka tells Rithik and Rocky that she wants to renovate the Rahasyamayi temple property which she owns. The two men state that they want to become their partners. Shravani and Vishaka manage to trick Rocky and Rithik and bring them to the Rahasyamayi temple.

On reaching the temple, Shravani and Vishaka come in their Naagin avatars. Shravani questions them for killing Maha Naagrani. Rithik and Rocky mock at Shravani and Vishaka. Later Rocky calls out Sumitra, Tamsi, Alekh, and Rohini there. Tamsi blackmails Shravani by abducting Mahir. Sumitra orders Shravani to free the Naagmani from the curse. Sumitra, Rohini, Alekh, Rocky, and Rithik attack Bela and Vishaka. Bela enacts to get defeated by them. She tells Vishaka that she is doing all this for a special purpose.

Sumitra instructs her allies to kill Shravani as now she doesn’t need her as she has an alternate plan to get rid of the curse. Sumitra hits Shravani on her head. Shravani falls down unconscious. A strong storm hits the temple. Everybody gets thrown away by the strong winds. Shivangi aka Maha Naagrani makes an appearance. She comes towards Shravani and treats her. Shravani gains her conscious. Shravani gets elated on seeing Shivangi. Shivangi says she has returned to protect Shravani.

Later Sumitra and her allies state that they deliberately attacked Shravani to bring Shivangi back. Shivangi questions Rithik and Rocky for backstabbing her. Sumitra and Tamsi order Shivangi to touch the Naagmani and free the curse. Shivangi refuses. Sumitra warns her. Shravani stands in support of Shivangi. The maha serpent plays his been forcing Shivangi and Shravani to dance to his tunes.

Rocky manages to get Shivangi’s touch on the Naagmani. He mistakenly drops the Naagmani in Shivangi’s hands. Rithik emotionally blackmails Shivangi and snatches the Naagmani from her. Sumitra throws Shivangi and Shravani in the basement. Shravani questions Shivangi for her return. The written update of 19 May 2019 Naagin 3 episode full story ends here.

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