Naagin 3 season 27 April 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Bela and Mahir fall in the water and Tamsi fires a bullet at Bela. They express their love for each other and reminisce old memories.

Naagin 3 27 April 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Bela and Mahir die, Bela reincarnates.

Today’s Naagin 3 season 27 April episode begins with Sumitra bringing Mahir close to the fire. Tamsi conditions Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) to give the Naagmani to her if she wants Mahir alive. Mahir asks Bela not to trust Tamsi. Bela says she will bring the Naagmani for Mahir’s safety. Tamsi attacks Vikrant and Vishaka (Anita Hassanandani).

Bela pleads in front of Lord Shiva to give the Naagmani to her. Bela performs tandav to impress Lord Shiva. Suddenly, Naagmani appears from Lord Shiva’s third eye. Bela seeks a blessing from Shiva owing to which Tamsi will not be able to use Naagmani for her evil plans.

Later in Naagin season 3, Bela brings the Naagmani for Tamsi. Tamsi frees Mahir. Bela and Mahir run away from her. Tamsi tells Sumitra that she will not spare Bela and Mahir. Bela and Mahir reach the dead end. Tamsi comes there. Bela and Mahir jump down the cliff. Vikrant and Vishaka are stuck between Tamsi’s imaginary walls.

Bela and Mahir fall in the water. Tamsi fires bullet on Bela. Mahir asks Bela to take the support of the log. Bela refuses. Bela and Mahir reminisce their past memories and express their love for each other. Mahir dies. Bela takes her last breath saying that they will return.

Sumitra and Tamsi fail to use the powers of the Naagmani. Sumitra states that the Naagmani is cursed by Shivangi. Sumitra adds that only a Naagrani can end the curse on Naagmani. Tamsi gets angry. Sumitra and her allies come to a saint who tells them that Bela and Mahir will return soon. He tells about the birthmarks of the reincarnated souls.

Suddenly in Nagin3, Vikrant and Vishaka also come to the same saint. They get shocked to find him dead. One of the persons tells them that Naagrani will reincarnate. After two years and nine months: Vishaka and Vikrant long for Bela.

Sumitra and Tamsi head to abduct the newly born Bela. A couple enters the scene. The lady is pregnant. She gets labor pain on their way to the hospital. Some local women help her in delivery. Bela takes re-birth. The written update of 27 April 2019 Naagin 3 episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Naagin season 3 watch Bela and Mahir come face to face after reincarnation. Stay tuned!

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