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Naagin 3 season 28 April 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how the show takes a leap of 24 years and Mihir aka Mahir is hanging out with his brother Mohit, his friends and even Tanya.

Naagin 3 28 April 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mihir spots Shravani

Today’s Naagin 3 season 28 April episode begins with Sarika giving birth to Bela (Surbhi Jyoti). Sarika and her husband celebrate the happiness of the birth of their daughter. Sumitra, Tamsi, Alekh, and Rohini come to the jungle in search of the family where Bela will get reborn. They inquire from the villagers about a pregnant woman.

Sumitra and Tamsi reach the cave where Bela is born but fail to catch her. Tamsi sees a small boy with a birthmark on the head. Tamsi tests if he is Mahir or not by bringing fire close to him. Tamsi gets assured that he is Mahir. Sumitra and Tamsi get happy as they feel that now they can reach out to Bela easily.

After a leap of 24 years, Mihir aka Mahir is hanging out with his brother, Mohit and his friends including Tanya. Mihir sees the haveli on their way. He gets strange feelings on seeing the haveli. Bela aka Shravani is seen with her parents. Mihir stops his friends from visiting the haveli but Mohit insists to explore it. The door of the haveli opens with Mihir’s touch. Mihir gets glimpses of his past on entering the haveli. A stranger comes and warns them not to disturb the peace of the Ichchadhari Naagin’s haveli.

He tells them that about their last Naagrani who died while saving her husband. Tanya insists him to show the picture of their Naagrani. Mihir comes close to Bela’s picture. Though, he fails to see it. The old man asks them to walk out of the haveli. The stranger talks to himself while seeing Mihir, that the members of his clan are hiding the truth from him for his sake.

Mihir hallucinates about Bela in the Shiv temple offering prayers to the Lord. Mihir tells Tanya about the girl. Tanya says there is no one in the temple. Shravani fixes Mihir’s car. Mihir and Shravani come face to face. They stare at each other. The written update of 28 April 2019 Naagin 3 episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Naagin season 3 watch Sumitra with Mihir’s family. Stay tuned!

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