Will Bela and others be able to stop Tamsi?

Naagin Season 3 14th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Tamsi gets violent

In today’s episode of Naagin 3 we see Bela throw sindur on Hukum that leads to Hukum groaning in pain which is because of the gangajal in sindur.

Later, Sumitra asks Tamsi to let them go and also to help her father. But Tamsi does not budge and says that she does not even have a father and that she is all alone. Eventually she lets free Sumitra, Rohini and Alekh. Tamsi then asks Alekh to save Hukum’s life by dousing him in water. Alekh does what he’s been told and Hukum regains his powers once again. He then starts hitting Mahir and other snakes present. Meanwhile, we see Alekh and Rohini attacking Bultu and Kuhu respectively.

Hukum then goes to attact Mahir and Bela throws sindur on him to weaken his powers. On the other hand, Vishaka and Vikrant attack and beat Sumitra and her gang of allies.

Bela, Vishaka, Vikrant and Mahir are seen capturing Tamsi and taking her along with them but Hukum comes in time to stop them from doing so.

On the other hand, Aghori baba is seen preparing for the prayers. He claims that Andhka is extremely powerful and hence, we will need a enormous powers on our side.

Again, we see Hukum succeeds in attacking Bela, Vikrant, Mahir , Vishaka and ends up winning. Tamsi then uses her own power to drag Hukum near a tree using a car. But Hukum disappears. Bela and the others start heading to their haveli taking Tamsi with them.

Bela asks Tamsi to accept that her negative energy has ended. But instead Tamsi once again manages to flee by hiding in around in places. Bela, Vikrant, Mahir and Vishaka split up in order to find her.

At the end, Bela is the one who finds Tamsi. They then discover Aghori baba standing unmoving and when Vikrant goes in to touch him, he finds the baba dead.

Tamsi admits that she was the one to kill Aghori baba which makes Vikrant extremely pissed at Tamsi. Tamsi gets angry too which causes an earthquake due to the powers she possesses.

Alekh suggests to everyone that they should burn down the haveli and kill their enemies alive by throwing kerosene all around. They all agree and do the same. The haveli starts collapsing. Tamsi is unrelenting and saying she will not stop. So Vishaka and Vikrant catch her and tie her with a rope.

Tamsi begs Vishaka to release her from the rope. Vishaka melts and says they should free her. Bela then suggests they turn Tamsi  into a good person by doing puja.

Meanwhile, Sumitra spreads kerosene around and sets the haveli alight.

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