Naagin season 4 written update 15th March 2020 episode. In today's episode of Naagin we see how the preparations of holi begins and everyone including Dev is angry with Brinda for her absence. Also we will get to she Shalakha and Brinda come face to face, we all have been waiting for to happen

Naagin Season 4 Written Episode Update 15th March 2020: Face-off between Brinda and Shalakha

Today we will see Nayanthara returning and going to the on going holi party. When Brinda returns she revelas that she is still Dev’s wife and we see a romantic scene between the two. But soon that comes to stop when Dev gets angry and we all know when Dev gets angry the naagmani shines on his forehead.
It is then Brinda thinks Dev telling about his death was all just an act to save the naagmani and later she leaves and goes to the forest, where Dev’s cousin tries to harass her.

This episode we will also see a face-off between Shalakha and Brinda. Exciting isn’t it?

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