Nach Baliye 9 25 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see the Jodis perfrom unique dance routines to get highest scores from the judges.

Nach Baliye 9 25 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Jodis strive for perfect score

Today’s Nach Baliye 9 Written Update 25 August began with Vishal and Sanam performed on the title track of Bahubali. They paid a tribute to Prabhas. Vijaya Pant Tuli confronted Vishal for disrespecting Madhurima. Vishal and Madhurima got on cordial terms. Jodi Number 9 Shantanu and Nityami danced on the song Jadoo Ki Jhappi from the movie Ramaiya Vastavaiya. Raveena said this Hi5 was for the choreographers, well deserved, completely awesome. Ahmed felt like watching theatre, this was just superb. Prabhas said it was an amazing performance. Shraddha said hats off to Nityami and the choreographers. They got a Hi5 and 100/100.

Jodi Number 7 Anita and Rohit danced on the song Aaja gufaon me aa from the movie Aks. Raveena felt so scared watching the act; she wanted to compliment Anuradha, brilliant choreography and execution. Ahmed said entire choreography and timing was perfect, it was amazing, nice concept of horror story. Shraddha said Very well done, amazing. They got a Hi5 and 100/100. Manish called Aly and Natasha on the stage. Manish revealed about Aly’s exes. Jasmin Bhasin came on the show. Aly named their relationship as friendship. Jasmin told about her unconditional love for Aly.

Prabhas and Raveena performed on Tip tip barsa Pani Song from the movie Mohra. Jodi Number 5 Prince and Yuvika danced on the song Khoya Hai from the movie Bahubali. Raveena said Fantastic, it really looked like some fantasy film, the dance movements, Yuvika was looking so beautiful, and she felt her energy dropped a lot. Ahmed said she had used the movements well, he really got happy, they weren’t dancers, they saw the togetherness of Baliyes, Prince got hurt and even then he lifted Yuvika. Raveena gave 90, Ahmed gave 80. Scores were 85/100.

Jodi Number 6 Vishal and Madhurima, Jodi Number 3 Urvashi and Anuj were in the bottom two. Jodi Number 6 Vishal and Madhurima performed on the song Tip tip barsa pani from the movie Mohra. Jodi Number 3 Urvashi and Anuj performed on the song Kate nahin kat te from the movie Mr. India. Raveena and Ahmed found hard to eliminate one of the two Jodis, who had performed too superbly today. Raveena got emotional to break the decision. Ahmed supported the format of the show. He went ahead with the eliminations. Scores for Vishal and Madhurima were 93.5/100. Scores for Urvashi and Anuj were 92.5/100. Urvashi and Anuj got eliminated from the show this week. The written update of 26 July 2019 Nach Baliye 9 episode full story ends here.

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