The episode of Roadies Revolution starts with all Roadies entering their new room. They get a message to get ready and be there at the task location.
Rannvijay welcomes all the Roadies and informs them that they will have their next task. Rannvijay tells the Gang leaders that they have a chance to win a star for that they have to bet on someone.

Rannvijay is waiting for the bets from the Gang leaders. Varun Sood bets on Michael. Nikhil decides that he will not bet on anyone. Neha and Prince also say that they will not bet on anyone.
Varan did bet on Michael and Michael writes Jayant’s name as an opponent to challenge.

Rannvijay asks the Roadies to stand with their opponent. He explains the task and instructs them on how to play.

The 1st fight is between Hamid and Vipin. And Hamid wins the game and gets the immunity.
2nd fight is between Poonam and Sherya. And Poonam wins the immunity.
3rd fight is between Abhimanyu and Aman. Aman loses, Abhimanyu wins the immunity.
And the last fight is between Michael and Jayant. Varun is worried that he bet on Michael with his star, and if Michael loses, Varun will lose a star. Jayant loses as Michael breaks his sword.

Michael wins immunity. Varun earns his 3rd star.

After the task, 4 Roadies get immune- Michael, Hamid, Poonam and Abhimanyu.