In Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Written Update Season 02 Episode 202 7th June 2021, we see that Kanak goes missing which worries the family, they all go looking for her.

The Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 episode starts with Anant and Gehna looking for Kanak after seeing the jewellery bag and food left outside. The family asks them what happened. Gehna says that Kanak has left the jewellery bag outside. They get worried and try to call her but her phone is found inside the house. They call Pankaj and inform him. He cries saying where did Kanak go. Anant and Chetan try to console him. Hema cries saying she and Kanak were always together, Kanak even took the blame on herself to protect Hema. Sagar consoles her. The next morning Anant and Gehna go out looking for Kanak. They ask around showing Kanak’s pictures. Anant blames himself for exposing Kanak. Gehna tells him to stay strong for the family.

Pankaj is crying, Baa consoles him saying it wasn’t his mistake. Nobody thought Kanak would leave like this. Anant and Gehna return, Pankaj asks them if they found anything about Kanak. Anant and Gehna say no. Chetan suggests calling Kanak’s parents and asking if she came there. Pankaj calls his mother in law and asks if Kanak has come there. She says no, she says Kanak lives with him so he should know where she is. She asks if he fought with Kanak. Pankaj ends the calls, Kanak’s mother gets worried and calls him back to inquire. Pankaj disconnects the call again.

Pankaj BP falls, everyone rushes to him. Gehna gets him lemon juice. Gehna prays to God to bring Kanak back home safely. The next morning Bapuji and Paresh return after filing a missing people’s complaint about Kanak. Gehna consoles Baa saying Kanak will come back soon. Hema blames Gehna for everything that happened and exposing Kanak. Chetan tells Hema that she was also a partner in Kanak’s crimes and should stop being jealous of Gehna.

Paresh gets a call from the police station. The inspector says that they found a woman’s body on the road which matches the description that they gave. The police ask him to come and verify the body. The whole family is shattered. Kanak’s mother comes there and asks where Kanak is. Bapuji tells her the whole story. She slaps Pankaj and says she will send them to jail if something happens to Kanak.

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