Today 02 Sept 2019 Sanjivani episode starts as we see Ishani give a try to console a wan carrying a rifle. The man’s son had fallen and needed medical attention and so requests the doctors to do so.

Meanwhile, we see Dr. Rishabh teaching the first-year students the technique to diagnose patients. Simultaneously, Dr. Asha informs Dr. Sid to be handling a patient.

An argument breaks out among them based upon the problem the patient is facing Dr. Juhi attends the patient and asks the other doctors to rest.

Sid and Asha make a party plan, but they don’t include Ishani. We also see some girls come and hit Sid and start calling him a cheater.

Ishani comes to know the real problem of the kid and runs towards the MRI room to stop the scan so that the kid’s body won’t explode, as he had swallowed bullets.

As the kid is not ready, to tell the truth, Sid tries to console him with a story, to tell the truth. The kid tells them the story. Dr. Rishabh asks other doctors to leave as he gets ready to perform the surgery.

Ishani’s birthday is celebrated by Sid and Asha in a party. Aman and other doctors also join the party and Inform the later ones about the successful operation. The written update of 02 Sept 2019 Sanjivani ends here.

In the upcoming episode, we see Ishani and Sid get close in the party.