Sanjivani 16 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Ishani successfully catches Sid red-handed and gathers proof.

Sanjivani 16 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Juhi fails to operate on Shashank

Today’s Sanjivani 16 August episode begins with Sid giving his best regards to Shashank for his surgery. Juhi (Gurdeep Singh) escorted Dr. Shashank in the operation theatre. Juhi was nervous to operate on Shashank. Dr. Shashank said he wanted to live but informed her if something happened, she would handle the postition of the chief of surgery.

Dr. Rishabh tried to examine a patient’s reports and discussed it with Ishani. The father of the patient created a scene and wanted to take his daughter back. Ishani tried to comfort him by informing about the blockage in her daughter’s stomach could be a tumour. The father did not listen and asked for a discharge form.

The parents of the patient were ready to take her home when Ishani came and informed them that their daughter was suffering from Rapunzel’s syndrome. Dr. Juhi was nervous about performing the surgery. She was confused about where to make the cut as the tumour was spread across the whole brain. Juhi was unable to operate on Shashank and asked to close him up instead.

Vardhan appointed a man as the CEO of the hospital as there was no hope for Shashank. Dr. Juhi was distraught feeling hopeless. Ishani operated on the girl and took out a huge amount of hair from her stomach. Rishabh was not pleased with her for not following the protocol. Ishani clicked a picture of Sid taking money from someone and decided to use it against him as the proof. The written update of 16 August 2019 Sanjivani episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Sanjivani, watch Vardhan kicks Sid out of the hospital and Dr. Juhi decides to operate on Shashank again. Stay tuned!

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