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Sanjivani 20 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Juhi does Shashank’s surgery with success.

Sanjivani 20 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sid gets suspended

Today’s Sanjivani 20 August episode begins with Juhi (Gurdeep Singh) commencing the nose endoscopy on Dr. Shashank. Dr. Sid arrived and asked about Shashank’s condition. Anjali was not happy with the operation procedure while Juhi was not happy to be working with Anjali.

Vardhan called Dr. Sid urgently while Ishani revealed she had sent the video to Vardhan, Anjali, and Shashank from the cloud storage of her phone. Vardhan suspended Dr. Sid until the next notice. Juhi completed the procedure but Shashank’s blood pressure and pulse started dropping. Juhi started giving him shock treatment.

Shashank lost his breath for a moment but started breathing again and she fainted. Everybody at the hospital praised Dr. Juhi while Dr. Sid celebrated the success in his unique way by breaking an earthen pot. Dr. Asha introduced Ishani to her childhood friend Dr. Aman. Ishani used her skills to figure out that Aman was having a hangover.

Dr. Rishabh informed about a major accident and that he wanted all the residents to come with him at the place of incident. He gave instructions to everyone in the van and they reached the sight of a major accident. The written update of 20 August 2019 Sanjivani episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Sanjivani, watch The Sanjivani team along with Dr. Sid comes to help the accident patients. Stay tuned!

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