In today’s episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, the police catch a man and later it is revealed that the man is Nattu Kaka. The police are set to take him to the police station but Jethalal stops them. Nattu Kaka then swears on his god that he is not here to steal anything. He tells that the previous Nattu kaka asked him to come to the shop. He then tells that he met Bagha in the morning and the two are overjoyed. He talks to Bagha about how Jethalal sees the two as his family member and that he has kept the money hidden in a fridge and that he will take care of the money and asks Bagha to go visit.

Bhide tells Jethalal that he is lucky to have Nattu Kaka. Jethalal apologises to Pandey and he gets a little furious. Nattu Kaka tells that he will stay at the shop. The police go away as also Jethalal, Popatlal and Bhide. Popatlal then helps Nattu Kaka to pull the shutter down and they bid each other goodbye.

At home, Dr Hathi, Bhide, Potatlal, Jethalal and Champaklal talk about the misunderstanding. Champaklal and Jethalal are grateful to Nattu Kaka. Jethalal thanks all his friends and forgets Popatlal and Popatlal ask that he didn’t thank him. Jethalal and Bhide joke with Popatlal and they all leave for their respective homes.

Jethalal is very much thankful to Nattu Kaka and the episode ends with Shailesh Lodha talking about how the ride of Gokuldham is similar to the roller-coaster ride.