In Vidya written update 16th March 2020 episode, Mamta changes Vidya’s alarm. In the morning Vidya wakes up at 10 and is worried. Vivek runs out of fuel and is unable to reach Vidya. Mamta sends a taxi driver to drop Vidya at a wrong place.

Vidya Written Episode update 16th March 2020: Mamta succeeds in stopping Vidya from reaching exam hall

The episode begins with Mamta changing the alarm time. Vidya wakes up and sleeps again. She cuts the phone connection as well. Vivek sees Mamta and asks why she isn’t asleep so she pretends feeling bad for scolding Vidya and lies she wants to apologize to her. Mamta asks Vivek to take her to the temple. He is worried as he is supposed to take Vidya for the exam but agrees to accompany Mamta and return. In the morning, Vidya wakes up at 10 and is shocked. Vivek tries calling and is worried for Vidya and Mamta looks on smirking. Vidya doesn’t find Mamta or Vivek. Vivek gets thinking how did he run out of fuel. Mamta recalls damaging the tank. She asks him to find a way to reach Vidya.

Vidya gets ready and finds her phone dead and wonders what to do. Vivek tries stopping passing vehicles but none stops. He decides not to waste time. Parbatiya awaits Avtaar and decides to treat him as her own son until fully recovered. Avtaar comes there and Parbatiya asks him to rest. Dharma and Bablu think that Parbatiya is considering the whole village as her own. Mehak comes there with flowers but Avtaar doesn’t give her attention. Dharma and Bablu find some spark between them. Mehak gives him ghee for a speedy recovery but Avtaar mocks her for giving back the ghee that he gifted her. Mehak asks her to teach her as she wants to learn cooking. Dharma taunts her but Parbatiya shuts him.

Vidya comes out and searches for a taxi and a taxi driver hired by Mamta to drive Vidya in a wrong place arrives. She gets in and he takes the wrong route as instructed. He did it to return Mamta’s favour on his family. Vidya tries Vivek’s digital watch but unfortunately, he has left it at home. The driver drops her at a wrong route and Vidya panics. Vidya is worried as to what she should do. Meanwhile, Mamta acts to faint and Vivek goes to get water. She calls the taxi driver and informs her that he left her at a place which will be difficult to find. Mamta gets happy as her plan succeeds.

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