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In Vidya Written Update 19th March 2020 episode, the education department officials enter Bidya’s exam hall and she panics. Avtaar tells Vivek Munni’s parents didn’t complain. Vidya is relieved to find the officials are here not for her.

Vidya Written Episode Update 19th March 2020: Education department officials enter Vidya’s exam hall

The episode begins with Vivek getting tensed as he sees the education department officials talking about catching a student. He thinks that it’s Vidya and is about to go and help but he remembers her promise and hurts his hand as he hits something. He alerts Vidya with the digital watch and she understands she is in trouble. The education department officials enter Vidya’s exam hall and ask the students to stop writing. Vidya panics and the officials look at her. They say they are here for a student and will leave with that person. Vivek tells Mamta about the officials about to arrest Vidya. He tells her that he is helpless as she has asked him to promise not to reveal to anybody that he knew her truth. Mamta gets happy and Vivek ends the call frustrated. Vivek informs Avtaar about education department officers about to arrest Vidya on Munni’s mother’s complaint.

Avtaar says it’s impossible because her parents are in front of him and his men got them from Delhi. Vivek says that its wrong but Avtaar says he won’t do anything wrong with them. Vivek gets relieved. The education officers say they were here to catch a cheating student. Vidya sighs in relief that they are not here for her. They ask everyone to stand in line and check everybody. The examiner finds chits on the floor. They match students handwriting using the chit but it doesn’t match anyone.

The head announces that if the culprit doesn’t agree to their mistake then nobody can give their exam and they will terminate everyone’s hall ticket. Vidya says that they can’t punish all children for a single child’s mistake. The head asks her to find a way to find the cheater and asks if it’s herself. Vidya says that she hates cheating and asks for 15 minutes to find the cheater. He agrees but if she couldn’t find out then they need to follow the official procedure.

Avtaar questions Munni’s mother who says that she’ll definitely complain. Dharma asks him to bribe them. But Avtaar says that he’s not cheap like them. Bablu gives an idea to kill them. Avtaar slaps him and asks him to apologize. He says that Vidya will only follow the path of truth. Mehak says that she has an idea. Vidya checks the students face and promises to reveal the cheating student.

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