In Vidya Written Update 20th March 2020 episode, Vidya plays a trick to find the real cheater. In the village, Munni’s mother tells villagers that Vidya is uneducated but they refuse to accept that. Vidya finds the real culprit wittily.

Vidya Written Episode Update 20th March 2020: Vidya catches the culprit

The episode begins with Vidya recalling a cheating case in her class and how she had caught her student. Vidya goes to a girl with tensed face and says Hema cheated but Hema denies cheating at all. Vidya says she saw her cheating and because of her other students including her are getting punished. Hema says she is innocent. Vidya sees another girl laughing. Meanwhile, Mehak tells Avtaar to let Munni and her mother go to the village and do whatever they want. Avtaar says is she trying to help Vidya or create problems. Munni and her mother go to the village and tell the villagers that she needs to reveal them a truth. She says Vidya is not a teacher and she is uneducated.

Vidya asks Hema to accept her mistake and let them continue with their exam. Vidya asks Sushma to tell Hema to accept her mistake. Sushma says Vidya is right because she herself saw Hema throwing chits near the dustbin. As Sushma tries to pull Hema’s hand, Vidya slaps Sushma and says that Sushma has cheated and not Hema. The head of the education department gets confused with Vidya’s changing statements. The women in the village ask Munni’s mother if she joking. Munni’s mother says she isn’t, Vidya is illiterate and when she found out she wanted to tell everyone but Avtaar got them here. She adds she will let every parent know Vidya’s reality. Avtaar tries to interfere but Mehak says let it happen and asks him to trust her as it will be for Vidya’s benefit.

The villagers tell Munni’s mother about the changes in school and their children after Vidya joined the school as a teacher. They say she got an award and saved a girl from fire as well as Munni from Nanku Singh. Kids come there and say Vidya is out and has given them homework. The villagers say that children are interested in studies now. In the exam hall, Vidya says she had to call out Hema to expose Sushma. Sushma asks her if she has proof. Vidya says how did Sushma know that the chits were near the dustbin.

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