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In today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we see how Bhallas ask Dr. Sudhir as a witness for Raman’s face reconstruction, but Sudhir denies having done Raman’s surgery.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 04 Sept 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Dr. Sudhir Denies Raman’s face reconstruction

Today’s episode of 04 Sept 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein tarts as we see inspector coming in asking if anyone called them Arijit tells the police about the fraud woman and what she is claiming. The Inspector asks his men to arrest Natasha. But the Bhalla family members ask the inspector there is no need as there is a possibility that Raman’s face may be a match with her husband Shardul’s face. Karan blames Arijit for this fraud woman plot but Yug asks Karan to stay calm. Ishita helps Natasha with medicine. Inspector takes the woman’s statement. Yug and Karan tell Natasha’s brother to not worry as Ishita is a doctor and she will take proper care, in which hospital is she admitted. Karan asks him the hospital name. Arijit thinks they can know about Neeti there so he asks them not to talk to this fraud and scolds the man.
Raman apologizes to Arijit. Arijit feels thankful as they didn’t come to know about Neeti. Again a debate starts between Bhalla family and Natasha on her claim on Raman being her husband. As proof, she even shows some pictures, which Ishita thinks are fake.

Suddenly, we see Raman falling ill. They take Raman inside. Simmi asks Natasha to stop and tells Raman is not fine. Natasha starts arguing. Yug asks inspector help. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take Raman somewhere before the police arrive. Ishita suggests taking the surgeon’s testimony and they also have enough proof that he is Raman and if they run, they may be proven wrong. She gives Raman’s medical files to Inspector as proof. Natasha also checks. Ishita tells the police that his face is reconstructed and maybe matching with her husband. Natasha asks why did surgeon give him her husband’s face. Ishita says that they will have to ask the inspector these things.

Sudha calls the surgeon at their location. Ishita asks him about the reconstruction of Raman’s face, explains his match with Shardul. Inspector asks Ishita to let the surgeon talk, they will find the truth behind it.. to this Dr. Sudhir denied doing Raman’s surgery and all were in a shock. Dr. Sudhir completes the sentence as his senior has done the surgery.

The inspector tells them that no action can be taken until they talk to the senior Raman and asks the Bhallas to take Raman with them, but Natasha worries that they will make him disappear so Ishita asks her to stay with them. The written update of today’s episode of 04 Sept 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ends here.

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