In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th March 2020 episode, Goenka’s decorate the house for the party. Kids distract Dadi from entering the house while Samarth consoles Bhabhimaa.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 24th March 2020: Goenka’s decorate the house

The episode begins with Naira telling Manish that she learnt from kids to find a solution to every problem and stay happy in the limited resources they have. Further, she asks if he remembers the precautions and he says yes. Kartik gets to detective’s message saying he will soon let him know about his daughter. Naira tells Kartik that there is a solution to every problem and they can celebrate Dadi’s birthday. He tells her how she cares for everybody and asks her to take care of him as well. He pulls her close but she pushes him saying social distancing.

Meanwhile, a worried Samarth asks the doctor if pregnant women are at risk and is relieved to know they are not. Dadi asks Surekha to buy everyday stuff and Kartik and Naira tell her not to buy it in bulk as it will affect the daily wage workers. Samarth goes to Bhabhimaa and consoles her and gives her sanitizer and masks. Dadi enters the house while Goenka’s decorate it but Kairav and Vansh distract her.

Later Bhabhimaa and Devyani share a talk to think positive and end bad thoughts. Meanwhile, Naira tries to fix the hook of her dress and Kartik sees her and smiles. They have a romantic moment.

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