In today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode, Swarna requests Suhasini to keep quiet and to believe Anisha once again. Suhasini claims that Anisha is a spoiled brat. She continues by saying that it will be an issue for them as well if they do not stop her today.
Akshara and Abhimanyu ask Suhasini what they are talking about. Akshara asks Suhasini why she is sad. Abhimanyu learns from Anisha that she bought a lehenga that is a little bit exposing. Suhasini doesn’t believe her despite her insistence that the lehenga is not hers. Akshara makes everything obvious. Abhimanyu questions Suhasini as to why she is doubting Anisha so much. Manish requests Suhasini to stop doubting Anisha. Abhimanyu claims that Kairav is a decent guy and Anisha is also smart, therefore they can manage their relationship.

Then in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara tells Abhimanyu that he is misinterpreting Suhasini’s intentions. She tells Abhimanyu to be calm. He tells Akshara that his sister is accused therefore he will feel bad. Mahima requests Abhimanyu to be patient and not to drag the situation. Akshara tells Abhimanyu to stop discussing the topic as they exactly don’t know what the problem is. Then Anisha gets a message from an unknown person. Akshara tells everyone to return to reality. She claims that Kunal informed them positively about Abhimanyu’s surgery and that they should rejoice now. Manjiri shouts at Abhimanyu for reacting to Suhasini’s words. She claims that Suhasini is elder to him and he should not back answer her. Abhimanyu understands his mistake and apologizes to Manjiri.

Later in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara is concerned for Anisha. She goes looking for Anisha. Akshara overhears Anisha and her boyfriend talking. Anisha inquires about her partner’s well-being. She requests him to explain to her how he got hurt. Anisha expressed her regret to her lover for being absent at the time. She assures him that she would be by his side forever after the wedding. Anisha’s boyfriend claims that because his wife won’t let him obtain a divorce, she needs to get married as soon as possible. Anisha assures her boyfriend that she will carry on their relationship even after they get married. Akshara stands speechless. She makes the decision to hide this news from Abhimanyu. Akshara believes Abhimanyu needs to be stress-free before the procedure.

Lastly, in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Neil, Parth, and Abhimanyu are eager to celebrate Rakshabandhan with Anisha. Akshara decides to talk with Anisha. Anisha tells Akshara that they will talk later as she wants to celebrate Rakshabandhan which is more important. Anisha is grateful to Kunal for restoring faith in Abhimanyu’s surgery. Kairav tells Kunal that because of his presence he is making Akshara happy. He claims that Akshara will do whatever to reactivate Abhimanyu’s hand. Swarna invites Anisha and Akshara to dance. Anisha ties rakhi to Parth, Neil, and Abhimanyu. Kunal misses Maya. Akshara promises Kairav to always have his back and she looks at Anisha.

Picture Credit- Hotstar