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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, Season 66 Episode 92 27th October 2020, we see that Krishna gets admission in school. Kairav wants to be Ram Ji and gets the role of Ravan.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, S66 Ep 92 27th October 2020: Kairav is Upset

The episode starts with Kartik and Naira going in the room to talk to the Principal. Akhilesh asks them if Krishna got admission or not. Kartik says it did not happen. Krishna thinks he was kidding but, then Naira says that it is not a joke, she did not get admission. Krishna assumes that she lost the chance to go to school and now she has to go to the temple and have to sell chips. Later on, Kartik and Naira come out clapping and say that the Principal saw the interview again and Krishna got admission. But she has to go to lower grade, Kartik and Naira congratulate Krishna; Kairav, Krish and Vansh also congratulate Krishna.

Krish asks Naira if they keep fast in this festival. Kairav explains to her that in this festival we burn Ravan and also he tells her about Ramayan. Akhilesh and the kids go out to make Ravan’s statue. Kairav wants to be Ram. Kairav exclaims Vansh that he will be Ram. Vansh and Kairav argue that they both want to be Ram, Krish and Krishna say that they are good with anything.

Manish informs that Naksh has sent custody papers. Naira decides kids’ role through chit, no cheating and no partiality. Krishna gets to play Hanuman, Vansh gets Sita, Krish gets Ram Ji and Kairav gets Ravan. Kairav says he wants to become Ram and not Ravan.

Precap: The baby falls from Krishna’s hands. Dadi scolds Krishna and asks Naira to tell Krishna to stay away from the baby.

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