Everything comes to a grinding halt when the cops show up to arrest Mishti and Kuhu! Can the boys really save them in time?

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke April 12, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Cops arrive to arrest! Will the girls be saved by Abir and Kunal?

In today’s episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke  Parul is seen calling Meenakshi inside for some work. Rajshree wanted to tell Meenakshi about Mishti’s (Rhea Sharma) decision but she says instead that she will talk later and goes inside. Over there, Ketki takes Mishti and Kuhu around her house. Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) enters to inform Mishti that Kunal wants to speak with her and leaves. Seeing Abir praying, Kuhu asks the reason why he is, to which he says it is for them since the boys are definitely going to defeat the girls in the dance competition.


Mishti comes to Kunal and suggests that they should talk once before getting married. Just then chachi comes and tells Kunal that Rajshree told them that he saved Mishti and took him to the hospital, Kunal gets tensed as Meenakshi will be angry now. Over there Kuhu and Abir have a good time talking with each other. Abir says that Kuhu is the right girl for Kunal as he wants some spice in his life. There Meenakshi tells Parul to wait outside Abir’s room as she checks inside.

This is when Kunal comes up and sees Parul standing outside Abir’s room and goes ahead to see more. There Meenakshi finds the same earring on his table and exclaims that this will break the proposal, and tells in this house only she will decide who will become Kunal’s bride and not Abir.

Then Kunal sees Kuhu and proceeds to talk to her (bekudi yeh bekudi track is played), Kuhu asks him why he did this all, to which Kunal says that he did not reject her and says that they could be friends. Kaushal is seen announcing the face-off that’s going to start soon between the boys and the girls. Meenakshi comes to Rajshree and apologizes for being busy. This is when the dance starts and Ketki is seen dancing (dhol baaje dhol baaje track is played). Everyone is soon seen enjoying and dancing to different tunes when their turn comes. Even Dadaji is seen making an adorable entry and performing on the stage.

Mishti and Kuhu step on the dance floor (mere kwabon mein jo aaye track is played). Next is Kunal and Abir’s turn to dance (kesar opurma suna lu yeh choriya gam mariya track is played) and soon Mishti and Kuhu also join them.


In the precap, Mishti tells Abir that she she needs to speak to him, since he is the only friend she has got in the entire house and that moment is when the police arrive to arrest Kuhu and Mishti.

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