Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode see how Sameer and Naina writing a story inspired by Pundit and Tanvi’s story.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Pundit and Tanvi meet

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15 July episode begins with Pundit telling Rakesh that he was kidding. If everything worked out then his parents would come by next week. Now Rakesh pretended to be upset and raised his hand. He looked at everyone’s faces and joked again. Everyone smiled. Sameer (Randeep Rai) told Naina that Pundit was here for a few days and try that he would not find out anything. Naina (Ashi Singh) assured him. He asked her if she wrote the story. She denied. She got no new idea yet. He called it a tough job. They spent the entire night thinking yet they cannot think of anything good. Naina nodded. They must keep thinking though, even while working. Rakesh went to bring sweets. Naina asked Sameer what if they used the friendship theme. They heard Pundit getting confused over his clothes. He missed Munna. Sameer suggested him what to wear. Naina thought of another idea but Sameer dismissed it. Pundit wondered what he would tell Tanvi. This was his first wedding. They smiled. Naina advised him to simply say yes to everything. He nodded. Sameer held Naina’s hand while she was ironing.

She looked at him cutely. Pundit came to Preeti’s house with Naina, Sameer and Rakesh. He greeted everyone and asked Preeti how he had to greet her. They bickered cutely at the door. Nirmala ji asked them if someone kept the SIL standing at the door. Naina joked that he was used to it. Pundit said yes to every question nervously without thinking. Sameer and Naina were enjoying teasing Pundit thus. They finally decided to write on the theme wedding. Nirmala introduced Gauri to Pundit. Rakesh asked Sameer and Naina to join them. Naina said this seemed like a story only. Rakesh smiled. Even he had never thought of this. The pundit said yes again. Nirmala ji stopped Naina from serving everyone. She was from the groom’s side. She shouldn’t work today. Naina said she was her daughter first. Everything else came later. Pundit’s eyes were fixated on the food. Nirmala ji asked Pundit to eat something. Gauri asks Pundit if he only knew how to say yes.

Sameer denied. He spoke so much that he never really gave anyone a chance to talk. Pundit dropped the syrup while eating rasgulla. Rakesh reprimanded him. Nirmala ji sent Shubham with Pundit to help him clean him up. Tanvi paced worriedly in his room. Preeti thanked Pundit. He said he always dud good work but today was different. Naina shared that everyone had rejected Tanvi for her complexion. People gave importance to complexion over nature even in this era. Pundit too found it odd. Preeti said even Shubham ji married her seeing her nature and heart. Pundit said same thing was what mattered for her. Preeti took Tanvi’s guarantee. Shubham joined them. Removed the stain properly or it wouldn’t go away ever. Pundit was back to saying yes to everything. Naina smiled thinking of her story idea. Pundit was mesmerized seeing Tanvi. Romantic song played as he looked at her. She sat next to Pundit. His hand shook while sipping tea. Shubham asked Pundit to share something about him. He said yes in reply. Sameer said he was like a kid.

He was very stubborn once he made up his mind to do something. Naina also teased Pundit. Gauri asked them if they were praising him or are doing something else. Preeti tried to cheer Tanvi but she was still sad. Naina told Sameer that they would write Tanvi and Pundit’s story. He loved the idea. Pundit requested them if he could speak to Tanvi privately in the garden. Nirmala ji looked hesitant but Shubham allowed him. Nirmala ji wondered what they would discuss in private. Sameer assured her they would check on Pundit and Tanvi. Pundit and Tanvi were sitting in the garden. Naina and Sameer played different songs from a distance. He found them hiding nearby and asked them to go. I will talk to Tanvi. They ask him if he was sure. Pundit nodded. They hid behind the tree by the time Tanvi turned. Pundit asked Tanvi her name and then patted her head.

He shared his full name with her. She asked him if he had any problem with her complexion. He declined. This did not matter to him. Nirmala ji asked Rakesh why Pundit came alone. Rakesh said it did not happen normally but they considered him his family and told him to handle everything. He will inform them everything. Preeti told someone on phone that they were downstairs. She would keep them informed. Naina and Sameer discussed their story idea further. Gauri asked her about her meeting with Aruna Irani. Naina said everyone was so excited about her out meeting. Sameer nodded. It would be good if they could meet her. Naina spoke positively. They took appointment. He said they took appointment even of Anant Sir. They recalled his meeting with Anant Sir. Pundit told Tanvi he wanted to ask her something. He noticed she was worried and suggested her to speak out. She told him something in a low voice. Pundit went quiet hearing Tanvi. The written update of 15 July 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, watch Nirmali ji scolded Naina from bring Pundit into their lives and Sameer reprimands Pundit. Stay tuned!

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