Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31 May 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how everyone has to go through a tower full of lies just because of the one initial lie.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31 May 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Tower of lies for one lie

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31 May episode begins with one of the employees challenging Sameer to simultaneously act and dance on a song they will play just now. Hero is in shock here and he has to showcase his pain. Sajeev Kumar performed in this song. They play Khilona Soch Ke. Sameer looks hesitant. They tell him to show that he is indeed in shock. They laugh and tease Sameer (Randeep Rai) when he tries again. They give him last chance. It continues the third time too. The guy tells him that it isn’t an easy task to become an actor. Sameer tells them not to speak ill if they cannot speak well about someone. People leave so much behind to be here. They say it is true. Sameer insists he will become a hero one day.

Receptionist says everyone comes here for this motive only including the peon here. Her colleague speaks of acting classes. Learn it so no one can make fun of us. Sameer is reminded of his Mama ji’s words. He gets his photo album and leaves from there. The ladies are playing Tambola. Preeti is reading out the numbers. Naina wins the game. Naina and Preeti call it a lie but Vanita continues to doubt them. She asks Sejal but does not really let her talk. Preeti tells Vanita she is making excuses after losing. She can take everything if she wants but she won’t survive in this city on a lie! Naina tells Preeti she will see her later and leaves.

Sameer is crying in his room. Hum Na Samjhe plays as he thinks of his journey so far. Naina enters and sits next to him holding his hand tightly. They tell each other everything that happened and share their pain. Naina and Sameer gulp down something. She says Papa didnt have to drink it. He nods and has problems with literally everything! They hear some noise and go out to see. Rakesh shows the nameplate to Naina and Sameer. Sameer points out that he has made them look like husband and wife. All the ladies step out of Gopal’s house and see them hiding the name plate. Sahiba seems to have seen the names and speaks them out loud.

Jatin and Shubham talk on a tea stall. Shubham asks Jatin why he is so afraid of his wife but Jatin says she will show her worst in 2 seconds if she finds out that I had a cigarette. Shubham gives him an empty box. Jatin asks him why he is giving him an empty box but Shubham speaks of economics again.

The ladies ask Sameer and his family as to what they are hiding. Rakesh asks them why they think that they are hiding everything. Gopal asks them what’s going on. Vanita says their neighbours have a habit of hiding everything including their name plate. She asks Rakesh to step aside so they can prove the truth. Jhooth Bole plays. Gopal’s wife and Sejal stop Gopal from charging at Rakesh. He threatens Rakesh to vacate the house if he won’t move. Rakesh shifts. Everyone else looks at the name plate.

Naina and Sameer look at their shocked faces and then at the name plate. S is missing from Sameer’s name. Naina smiles in relief. There is nothing wrong with this! Gopal says Naina and Sameer’s house. Naina denies. It is Naina and Ameer’s house. It is my husband’s name. His father won a lottery when his son was born and he named his son Ameer out of happiness! Preeti seconds him. He has a rich heart too. Sameer joins them. Vanita tells Sahiba to get her eyes checked. Sahiba shrugs. Preeti asks everyone to head home and Tau ji panics seeing crowd. They all head to their respective home.

Rakesh notices the letter S on floor and pretends to exercise shocking Gopal. He too goes to his home. The written update of 31 May 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.
In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai watch how Naina and Sameer celebrate something and she seems drunk and dances to Zara Sa Jhoom Lu Main. Stay tuned!

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