Let's find out whom do you want to see in Bollywood, Ashnoor or Arishfa Khan

Ashnoor Kaur VS Arishfa Khan: Which Actress You Want to See in Bollywood?

Ashnoor Kaur, an extremely talented actor and a YouTuber, who has earned millions of hearts throughout the world by her proficient acting skills. She is already popular and is adored by her fans. Ashnoor is known for her magical smile and gorgeous looks. Her YouTube account has already acquired more than 30k subscribers. Her love for her fans is what makes her more beautiful than ever. So down to earth and humble. It would be great if we see her in Bollywood next. We wish her all the best.

Arishfa Khan, she is adored for her cute baby-like voice. She is a renowned TikToker and actor. She also owns a YouTube channel and she has earned a whopping 1.38million subscribers. Her tutorial videos are love and never fail to get a million views, every time. She has been into the TV industry since she was a kid. We love her grand acting skills and get inspired by fashion choices. It would be a delight for us to watch her in Bollywood.

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