Grusha Kapoor talks about her web-series and her thoughts on the digital platform.

The bigger cities are slowly navigating from TV to web space – Grusha Kapoor

Grusha Kapoor the formidable actress who is presently playing a strong motherly role in the ZEE5 web-series, Karenjit Kaur, the biopic on Sunny Leone, feels that the digital platform is the present and future of entertainment!!

Says Grusha, “It has been some time since I last saw TV. I feel the bigger cities are slowly navigating towards the digital platform, and not many in these places are connecting to TV. The target audience of ages 16 to 35 predominantly watch the web shows than TV is what I feel.”

Grusha who plays the role of Sunny Leone’s mother in the web-series says, “It is a very strong character, one of the most pivotal characters of the series. When I went through the script, there was no doubt about me not doing it.”

On her shoot schedule in Cape Town, South Afirca, Grusha avers, “It was a long schedule out there and it was fun shooting at the exotic locales. Also, with Bijay Paaji (Bijay Anand) around, we had a wonderful time out there. I have earlier worked with him in Siya Ke Ram and we have a very good equation. When we both were not shooting , we were either sight seeing or shopping. I in fact ended up shopping so much that I blew up half of my payment there (smiles). Overall, we had good memories of shooting in Cape Town.”

Giving a special mention to Sunny Leone, Grusha shares, “Sunny is such a sweet and warm person. She would go out of her way to make sure all is fine with all of us (smiles).”

The Season 2 of Karnejit Kaur will soon be on floor for which the team will yet again be flying to South Africa. “Yes, that’s true. But the shoot has not yet begun. We look forward to the Season 2. I have more intense and emotional scenes in the new season and I am waiting to shoot them.”

Grusha Kapoor who has earlier produced a feature film and few Government projects under the banner Indian Production House is working towards turning Producer again. “I will work under a new banner. We will be doing TV shows mostly.”

Grusha, wish you luck!!



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