Here are some interesting facts about Lee Min Ho that include his time in school, the military, and his acting career, whether you've been a devoted admirer since the days of Boys Over Flowers or you've only lately become smitten with the Korean hottie

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In the Korean entertainment industry, Lee Min Ho is among the most well-known actors, and with good reason. In addition to having a fantastic appearance, he is a superb actor. There’s a good chance that every drama he stars in will be a tremendous hit!

Check your knowledge of this megastar by reading on to find out!

1. He was for a while known as Lee Min.

Lee Min Ho was born on June 22, 1987, in Dongjak-gu, Seoul.

The actor used the stage name Lee Min to begin his career.

Fans found it challenging to Google Lee Min because the name also translates to “immigration” in Korean. He eventually switched back to going by his real name.

2. He wished he could play soccer

The Korean heartthrob was a passionate soccer fan who was on the verge of turning pro. But he was forced to abandon his dream after suffering a regrettable accident in elementary school.

3. He went to a boys-only high school

The handsome youngster attended an all-boys high school. There he meets one woman. He had joined Starhaus Entertainment by the time he was in his senior year, which would later grow to be his long-term agency.

4. He has experienced two catastrophic car accidents.

The actor was engaged in a fatal vehicle crash in 2006 together with Jung Il Woo and two other pals.

Only Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo were able to survive out of the four. Nevertheless, Lee Min Ho spent a month in a coma. In addition, he sustained injuries to his ribs, thigh, and ankle. He spent months in bed. He was in the hospital for roughly a year in all.

On the set of City Hunter, he was involved in another vehicle accident (2011). The front part of the car he was in was entirely destroyed when it collided with a truck. It was a marvel that he was still alive, according to witnesses. Thankfully, the actor didn’t incur any severe harm.

5. Hollywood approaches him with offers.

The A-list actor receiving Hollywood offers is hardly shocking. However, the actor said of the next phase of his career, “I’d like to attempt that step only when I feel like I’m ready for it.

6. He dated Suzy and Park Min Young

He was said to be dating Park Min Young, his co-star in the TV series City Hunter, in 2011. They eventually split up in 2012 as a result of their hectic commitments.

Source – Koreaboo, times now

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