Shivankit Parihar of TVF’s Bachelors fame gets talking to

The competitiveness of digital medium lies in the fact that whoever gives 99 percent to work will get out of the game – Shivankit Parihar

The Viral Fever (TVF) has been doing exceptional work on the digital medium with series such as Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Trippling, Bachelors etc. 

The Season 2 of Bachelors has come with wholesome entertainment and adventure at its best. 

Shivankit Parihar who has been the mainstay of both the seasons of Bachelors gets into an interesting conversation with us on the success of the series. 

Says Shivankit, “Bachelors is the only web-series in India that is keeping the qtiyappa and spoofs alive. 

The series has been lauded by one and all for keeping the Bollywood parody alive on the web, wherein it explores hilarious situations in the lives of the main characters that parodies the humour and drama of masala Bollywood movies. The lack of big hits on the big screen though makes Shivankit tad bit sad. “It is a sad feeling that in a country where 300 films get produced every year, the last year saw only two movies in Dangal and Bahubali doing really well. Bachelors ki kahaani ko copy karne ke liye options hi nahi hai yaar. Bacherlors ke role ka kya hai, jaise film main hai waise hi chaapna hai.” 

Talking about the introduction of the digital star, Jitendra Kumar in Bachelors Season 2, Shivankit avers, “In the first episode itself (Bachelors Vs Job), Jitu took Bacehlors Season 2 to a whole new level and now in the finale, he will amaze you again. Even with Jitu being a star on his own turf, he had to go through rigorous and intensive workshop of nine months to drop down to our level. Bachelors runs on a different philosophy altogether and Jitu did a great job. 

On his take on the growing digital market, Shivankit quips, “The growing digital market has also turned out to be like the Friday releases. The life span of a good sketch or episode is for three days. The result of that is seen in the same time frame and it is declared either as a success or flop. So as a creator, we have to be on our toes every time and with so many options to watch including Netflix and Amazon, one cannot afford to relax. Till now, we were giving our 100 percent to work. But now it looks as though we need to give 101 percent. Whoever gives 99 percent will eventually get out of the game. That’s the level of competitiveness of the digital medium.” 

The talented artist claims that the best memories of Bachelors lie in the writing room. “Its madness in there and the only memories Bachelors have is the hours and hours of non-stop laughter,” states Shivankit. 

Last but not the least, praising the efforts of TVF, he says, “TVF gives freedom to its writers to experiment and go mad on scripts but without compromising on the relativity. So yes, one can keep writing for TVF without getting tired. This only means that we will keep coming with more Bachelors seasons in the future.”

On his plans for the future, the man with the funny bone states, “Future plan is to apply for Canadian visa (smiles). Also, the Bachelors writing team will start writing for Season 3 i.e. Bachelors Vs Goa.”

Wishing you all the best, Shivankit!!

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