Rajesh Khattar talks about his webseries Fourplay.

Expect the unexpected from Fourplay: Rajesh Khattar

Veteran film, TV and stage actor, Rajesh Khattar is quite excited about his new web series, Fourplay on ALT Balaji.

“It traces the fun journey of two couples, when one of them wants to spend the night in the other’s house for a rendezvous, how things turn topsy-turvy in a case of mistaken identities, a la comedy style.”

The other actors, besides Rajesh Khattar, include Gaurav Chopra, Kashmera Shah, Kubra Sait, Nikhil Dewan and Nitin Mirani. The web series is directed by Vandana Sajnani Khattar, who also plays an important role in the show.

“I will not really want to talk about the play, just that it is completely different from what you will see in the above 6 episodes. The web series is scheduled to go live soon. Expect the unexpected and get ready for the huge roller coaster ride it will be. You will see all the above actors, including me, in a never-before avatar. Having been in the trade for years, I am sure the product has shaped up pretty well, for, sometimes, the reactions of the actors while shooting, is enough to gauge.”

Rajesh, last seen in ‘Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka’, has no issues with edgy content. “On the web, you can choose what you want to watch. The dialogues in our family adult comedy (can watch with a family of adults), though innocent on their own, can be interpreted differently. There is nothing amorous shown on screen, yet it is not for kids.”

Going on, he says, “The audience will have a very interesting time. I have seen a fair amount of desi digital content, and have not come across anything as Fourplay. You will surely remember our outing, for our unique situations, characterizations and performances.”

While accepting that Indian audiences are ready for edgy stuff on the web, Rajesh, who impressed us all with his bad man act in Beyhadh, says,“The format also has its down sides. While you have the freedom to say what you want sans censorship, the openness of the medium also ends up allowing certain sub-level content, not in tune with societal norms.”

Continuing in the same vein, Rajesh says, “So ideally, we should try to segregate the kind of stuff on offer. Luckily, though, the bad content will die a natural death. The medium gives an outlet to all, which is important for any creative ecosystem to thrive. The biggest restriction on change of content on TV, apart from The Standards and Practices (TV censors), is the stakes- they are so high that no one wants to take risks. On the other hand, as the costs involved in digital are still lower, there is still space for experimentation.”

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