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In conversation with Sumeet Vyas

Hope COVID-19 time ends the false film and web actor discrimination – Sumeet Vyas

Sumeet Vyas is one versatile actor who has dabbled in all three mediums be it TV(Stories by Rabindranath Tagore ), films (Veere De Wedding, and Parched) and web (Bang Baaja Baaraat, RejctX and The Verdict – State vs Nanavati). His latest web offering Official Bhootiyagiri has just started streaming on MX Player (from the house of Arre).

IWMBUuzz.com caught up with Sumeet, who is about to become a dad (married to actress Ekta Kaul) about his new above show and yes, expectations from fatherhood

What is Official Bhootiyagiri all about?

This horror-comedy is the third installment of our Official series. We had earlier taken digs on the corporate world with Official CEOgiri Official Chukyagiri courtesy my character Dilawar Rana. We were happy with the new script, which sounded very convincing. Hope the public too appreciate our effort.

The biggest challenge of the genre is maintaining the sacrosanct comic line. No wonder the makers (Arre) took their time. I have enjoyed working with the team and the new cast (Isha Chopra, Pranay Manchada) and hope they got similar vibes professionally hobnobbing with me.

The web seems to be the new flavour of COVID season, with many films directly steaming on OTT?

With cinema houses shut down, web is the only entertainment. While it would be wrong to rejoice at someone’s predicament, I am hopeful that industry jettisons false notions, i.e. web artists are not equally talented or famous as cine stars. Everything boils down to content if it is good will be lapped or junked if not

As you have been doing web for years (Permanent Roommates and TVF Tripling Season 2 ), how do you see it growing?

Of late digital has come into its own, big time. But yes, we need to stop using sex to merely grab eyeballs

How was the experience of your last film Made in China?

Its theme of a young man trying new businesses fit well into the new self-sufficiency mode touted by PM Modi. Sadly many did not troop into the theatre expecting niche film, though it was quite relatable in effect. Such concepts have a better chance at OTT then theatres.

How do you choose your movie and web roles?

I have always done different kinds of characters. It is both a combination of luck and choice. I avoid repetition, not wanting to do the same stuff myself over and over.

When can we hear the good news on the home front?

Anytime now as wife Ekta is in her ninth month. Although I am quite excited, I prefer to let things happen. I don’t want to prepare too much.

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