Karan Veer Mehra talks about his entry into the web space...

The idea is to make good content; profits will automatically follow – Karan Veer Mehra on his foray in the web space

TV and film actor Karan Veer Mehra is joining the long list of small screen stars to embrace the web. He is producing a new web show ‘Couple of Mistakes’ for You Tube along with Barkha Bisht who acts as his on-screen wife.

Taking about the concept he says, “Our five minute videos talk in a funny way about how in any marriage, the man is always wrong. I have done comedy before, so decided to take it further.”

In a way he seems to have been inspired by his earlier web series, ‘Men The Real Victim’ by Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT) where he had acted as a hen-pecked husband. Even his character name is same i.e. Ashwin.

When asked about the unclear web revenue model he says, “There is a way but will not reveal it as others will rain on my parade. On a more serious note, now is not the time to think about money, just make good content, profits will automatically follow.”

On the short format duration he says, “Today’s audience attention span is very limited. No one has time to watch 30 minute shows as on TV. Also most people are consuming content on their phones between breaks, so five minutes duration is just apt.‍”

“If it works we can extend our content. Brand integration is one big revenue spinner, apart from cross platform viewing. We are eventually moving toward synergy of web, TV and cinema. Web is not of tomorrow, but has arrived today.”

On the subscription vs free You Tube model he says, “I prefer the latter for it gives you maximum possible audience base. Its search engine is Google yaar. And let’s face it everyone likes a free meal.”

What next’s on the tube? “I had last done TV, Biwi aur Main on SAB TV. Since I played a harried producer who was caught between his wife and actress, I decided to become one before someone else snaps the chance. I just hope the first episode of ‘Couple of Mistakes’ garners good views.”

Karan Veer Mehra has TV shows Remix, Twinkle Beauty Parlour and Pavitra Ristha to his credit.

All the best for the new venture, Karan Veer!!

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