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In conversation with Karan Kundrra

I had to lose 14 kilos for period film It Happened in Calcutta: Karan Kundrra

Talented TV and film actor Karan Kundrra took time out from his busy Diwali schedule to have a quick chat with IWMBuzz on his latest career moves.

“It was fun being part of Vikas Gupta’s Ace of Space Diwali special. This year, we have a great bunch of contestants and any reality show is ultimately all about them only.”

What qualities are needed to be an Ace Of Space winner?

Given that space keeps getting reduced, presence of mind and attitude are most important. And this has to be coupled with popularity as well, for finally audience voting decides who stays or goes.

What else is happening?

I have been busy shooting for Alt Balaji’s period drama, It Happened in Calcutta, for the last three or four months. We have shot in Pune, and yes, Kolkata.

As the title suggests, it is about life in the Renaissance city of India, say 6 decades ago. It was a funky period, not only in India, but even worldwide (hippy and flower generations).

Politically, we had the Indo-Pak war of 1971, which led to the birth of Bangladesh and also the rise of Naxalism, which took place first in Bengal.

Abortion too was illegal then, so all in all, a lovely backdrop.

How did you approach your character?

“It was not easy to get into the skin of the quirky characters of that time (long hair, sideburns and tight trousers). I also had to shed 14 kilos, being a bit bulky.

But the script is superb. The fact that Ekta had been sleeping on it for a long time is clear proof of the amount of work put in. This indeed is a big project for me, but I am confident that director Ken Ghosh will get the required good work out of me.

How has the web scene changed? It is good to note that with Made in Heaven and The Family Man, web series have become much more hard-hitting, competitive and in-depth. The latter Manoj Bajpai- script retained the day to day humour, despite its heavy-duty spy subject. With the passing of time, every format matures.

I love this medium. It is a godsend for actors.

Any updates on Dil Hi Toh Hai?

Shooting has started for Season 3, which has been in the works for long. But I can only join once I come back into my original shape. I have read a couple of episodes, and am impressed with Ekta mam’s writing. This show has been a numbers-guzzler across platforms. So I am eager to get back into the action.

Your thoughts on MTV’s Love School, which you and your partner Anusha Dandekar host? 

I have really enjoyed these four outings. Congo to MTV for green-lighting such concepts that encourage the youth to accept themselves the way they are. The latest season was really refreshing, in the sense that we could speak to same sex couples, who till Article 377 was read down, were denied dignity and the right to love whoever they wished. Take the case of Dev and Pujan, who till now could not live as God made them to be.

As for shooting with Anusha, things become a breeze despite long hours and contestants, because we are best friends. We have seen so many love stories being made in front of our eyes.

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