TVF Tripling is a web series that has won our hearts with its script, dialogues, soundtrack and above all, the awesome sibling trio.

This is what made TVF Tripling the best web series that it is now

If you belong to the era where saas-bahu soap is something that you loathe and you feel like you don’t have the patience to sit through exaggerated scripts, then digital content is exactly what you need. With a variety of web series that have audiences glued to the screens, there are a few that we simply love and wait for every episode to air at the earliest. TVF Tripling is one of the most well-received blockbuster web series that has captivated the youth of today and for all the right reasons!
This is what made TVF Tripling the best web series that it is now
Here are our top 5 reasons for you to start watching TVF Tripling right away:

1.Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan: The two brothers and their sister are one of the biggest reasons why you should watch TVF tripling. Together, they bring freshness and a totally different concept for us to enjoy.

2.The script and dialogues: Tripling’s script is penned by Sumeet Vyas himself, along with Akarsh Khurana, and we must tell you it is a real winner! A seamless blend of reality, humour and emotions, the dialogues and the story will end up housing themselves in your mind!

3.Soundtrack: Chitvan is an immensely talented DJ and when he finally gets the chance to showcase it during his sister’s pregnancy, he plays a catchy tune (inappropriate as well!) at the function and it’s one of those moments where music steals the show.

4.Road trip with siblings: TVF Tripling has also successfully planted the idea of taking a road-trip in our heads and we can’t actually thank them enough!

The story of these siblings and their humorous journey has captivated the hearts of many and we are certain that the viewership for this series is only going o increase.

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