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I do have a tendency of motivating people to write for me: Shweta Kawatra

Shweta Kawatra has been splendid in the roles she has done!! Television has certainly missed her, especially after the talented actress has got into enjoying the beautiful phase of being a mother.

A perfectionist to the core, Shweta has planned her day-to-day ordeals without compromising on anything!! And today, we have her back, showcasing her brilliant acting prowess, this time on the web platform.

Her comeback to acting with ALTBalaji’s web-series Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat Season 2 has been well-appreciated!!

In an exclusive conversation with, Shweta talks about her new role, her zeal to multi-task, her definition of being a hands-on mom and much more…


How has the return journey been for you?

Very comfortable!! It’s been a warm welcome!! Thank you…

The first season of Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat was superb, bagging great response. Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar have been hugely popular. Now to come in between, create your own space with your character, it had to be a character full of substance.. Nobody better than you to make this happen… Explain..

To find my own space with Ram and Sakshi – this is a very good question!! At some point yes, I did wonder as to why they needed me. Everything was new, and everyone was new. However, if that is the question that bothered me, I would not have taken it up. To find my space and place, I simply love this adventure, is what I will say. I don’t compete with anybody else, and that is great good fortune. For me, it is not the position that I go for. Instead, I bring up the best and I create the position. That is why this has been a wonderful adventure for me. Somewhere down the line, they knew why they had me in the role. Also, I do have a tendency of motivating people to write for me.

So what is it that you looked forward to in this role that marked your return?

To tell you honestly, I needed a conducive environment to work on, while I can be a hands-on mom. I hate compromising. Web-series came about with three aspects – beauty, benefit and good. These are the three aspects I always look forward to when I take up a work.

Explaining it, beauty is the kind of work that I do, the hours of work, money, role, set up ete. Second is benefit, which is the money I get for the role. Thirdly, good is the value I can go and create in the space. Let’s say that I got all these three aspects that I was looking for in this work.

Tell us about your role in Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat.

I am the haunting past of Ram Kapoor’s character. It adds layers to the story, everyone’s emotions, and mine too. The good part about the role is that I am not turning out to be very clichéd, because the scope for layering is a lot. Karan Khanna is moving on, and he has a past. I am not playing a negative here. See, emotions trap people and that’s what happens. It is a slow burn.

So how has the return shaped up for you?

It has shaped up brilliantly. I just need to ride on a show where Ram and Sakshi are there. Isn’t that really convenient? (smiles). Frankly speaking, I just need to work hard on myself to make sure that it is visible to the eye.

Tell us about your equation with Sakshi Tanwar?

Sakshi and I have been great working friends. There is a lot of mutual respect between us. I don’t even remember a streak of competition ever, and that’s why our chemistry used to come out in that manner. She’s not a selfish actor. I can say that very safely for myself too. Selfish actors want to shine on their own. But to shine oneself, one has to owe it to team work. It is great working with her. This web-series will continue to run into seasons. Everything will find its ground in some more time. So I look forward to more of the screen presence with Sakshi.

So how have you worked things out at home with your daughter while you have been working?

Oh, it has been fantastic!! I work at my time and space. It is great to be a working mom. I am pretty much around all the time for my daughter. Like I said, we do not have gruelling schedules. I am there either to pick her up from school, or put her to bed, and go out once she sleeps, or get back home before she wakes up. So I am around whenever she needs me. I don’t depend on help even though we are a nuclear family. Manav works for 13-14 hours, which includes travel time. I have kind of figured the way out. I am ready for all the hard work, as this is how I prefer it. I am a perfectionist. My daughter knows that her mom is around. She knows that her mom is going for work, and also knows that her mom has figured out a way of taking care of her even while working. I don’t have an easy life. But the wonderful part is that only a mother can do this!!

Are you ready to get back to television now?

Not really!! I am not ready to work for 12 hours shifts a day. I have done it for too long; there was a time when I was doing six shows at a time. I have burnt myself out and have literally over-worked in the span of 10-12 years. Also, it is not fair for me to seek work on TV. They have crazy deadlines, and I won’t be able to create value. Ideally, I will love to multi-task. I am also a business woman, and own my spa. I do many other things. I want to grow. I cannot do just one thing. Web-series is a great space to be, as I don’t need to do 12 hours shifts.

With the boom of digital platform, do you think it is tough times for TV?

Not at all!! I am sure everyone will find their space. I think we need to change our mindset and perceive things as ‘expansions’ and not ‘replacements’. This is not a time for replacements; it is time for expansion. The faster we understand it, the faster we ourselves will grow. It is all a matter of perception. If few perceptions become energy, this is what will happen. Web-series is creativity unleashed, as there is no rigidity in anything whatsoever.

Wish you the best, Shweta!!

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